Top 10 Best Bluetooth Earphones In India 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

The earphones provide you the freedom to choose your own song and play it till the time you want. It makes your day better as you are listening to your favourite music and doing your work. But, what if, the earphone who gives you the freedom is absolutely not free. Yes, you read that right. The wired earphones get connected to the mobile phone through a wire to provide your music. The wire creates disturbance while you are working. As it gets connected to your mobile phone you feel less flexible and get stuck in one place with your mobile. So instead of wired earphones the wireless earphones will be better to be multitasking.

Wireless earphones provide you the flexibility you want with the Bluetooth technology. With these earphones you can keep your mobile phone at a distance and both of your hands remain free so you can do other tasks also. In fact, wireless earphones provide better features and take your lifestyle to the next level. You can feel the real freedom of music with wireless earphones. These earphones also allow you to do some extra tasks like making calls, listening news, etc. without taking out your mobile phone.

If you are thinking to buy a wireless earphone, you should search for the best wireless earphone in the market which provides all the latest features at a decent price, but no need to worry about that as we have done this for you. We made a list of the best wireless Bluetooth earphones in India. You can go through that list and buy the product that will suit you.

Best Buy Bluetooth Earphones Online in India

The following is the list of 10 best Bluetooth earphones in India.

1. Boat Rockerz 255 Bluetooth Wireless Earphone


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With an attractive design the Boat Rockerz Bluetooth earphone is ready to provide you the best music experience that you are looking for. Its light weight premium design allows you to wear it comfortably on your ear and feel the music. This wireless device is capable of producing stereo sound that you will definitely love. The device uses a Qualcomm CSR8635 chipset for better performance. It offers high level music experience with the help of the powerful processor. The device offers the latest features and provides a great value.

The wireless Bluetooth earphone gets power from an 110mAH lithium polymer battery which provides a battery life of 6 hours when fully charged. Once the device is fully charged you can spend one fourth of the day listening HD sound from this device. You can also use this device for up to 45 minutes by charging it only for 10 minutes. The device is compatible with Bluetooth 4.1 and runs in a smarter way. It is a very stylish device and helps to enhance your lifestyle. It is a complete hands free solution and provides voice control facility to control this device through the apps like SiRi, Google Now, etc.

The device comes with an inbuilt microphone so that attending the calls will be easier. It has three toggle buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume and picking the calls. Boat Rockerz 255 wireless Bluetooth earphone makes your music listening more special. You will get a USB cable with this device which will help you in charge the device. The device has an ultra comfortable and flexible design that enables it to be used by sport personnel. If you are looking for a Bluetooth earphone to get effective sound and a perfect fit, you should go for this device.

The device has some special features, which one should consider while purchasing this device.

  • Boat Rockerz 255 uses the latest technology to provide you a better music listening experience.
  • Easy access controls and can be used during travel.
  • The device can be controlled by voice control apps.
  • One year of warranty period is available with this device.

2. Realme Buds Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


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Realme buds wireless Bluetooth earphone has a unique design and incomparable features that you should consider while buying it. It is a powerful in ear earphone which has a better bass capability by 11.2 mm bass boost driver. It uses Japan Daikoku technology that boosts the sound and bass quality to the highest level. Its advanced technology will provide you the experience of quality bass and sound. If you are looking for a wireless earphone below 2000 which will make you feel special, you can buy this earphone and enjoy the quality of sound.

The device has an 110mAH lithium ion battery that takes 1.5 hours to charge fully. It can give you the sound experience for up to 12 hours once the battery is fully charged. If you can’t wait for 1.5 hours till the device is charging, you can enjoy it for up to 100 minutes by charging it only for 10 minutes. Its inline three button remote enables you for volume control, attend calls and voice control. The device is manufactured by keeping the sweating problems of people. It is sweat proof, so you can use it during workouts. The powerful device is made from metal and has a classy look that anyone can get attracted towards it.

It is available in three colours – green, black and orange so you can make a choice while purchasing this device. It uses skin friendly silica to provide you the comfort you are looking for. The MFP or magnetic fast pair technology allows you to connect both the buds when not in use and disconnect when in use. The lightweight device is very simple to use and comes with a microphone. The other accessories of this device are 6 ear tips, 2 ear supports, micro USB cable and quick start guide book. The size of this device is 35.5 x 11 x 0.5 cm.

Some other features of this wireless earphone are –

  • Realme wireless earphone has a round neck design which makes the device most special.
  • It can be controlled through voice control by Google assistant.
  • The device can switch on and switch off automatically.

3. MuveAcoustics edge MA-1020SB Bluetooth earphone


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MuveAcoustics edge is a prime range Bluetooth earphone that comes under 1500. It delivers superb sound with bass to enhance your music listening capacity. The wireless design with the highest quality sound technology takes this device to another level. The device fits in your ear perfectly due to its comfortable design. It is a perfect fit for sporty people as it has resistant to water and sweat. It is IPX-4 rated for the water and sweat resistant. This device truly makes your hands free by allowing you to control the volume and take the calls via Bluetooth without touching your Smartphone. The complete wireless device enables you to manage your daily task easily.

The compact and lightweight design makes the device an excellent choice to use it for all day long. You can use it at work or home without any issues. The device can run for up to 7 hours on a single charge of 2 hours so it is an ideal device for travel. It has a flashing light that notifies that the battery is low. If you are thinking to use it at the gym or while running, you can do it without any doubt. The device can be paired easily with any android, apple and windows device. If you are looking for a new earphone, you should go for this device for seamless music experience.

The device has three silicon ear buds of different size so that you can use it according to your comfort. The magnetic lock allows you to hang the earphone around your neck while not in use. It comes with a USB charging cable to charge it immediately when required.

MuveAcoustics edge is equipped with other features also. Those are –

  • It has a noise cancelling technology provide you uninterrupted music experience.
  • The wireless convenient design with incomparable sound makes this earphone number one choice.
  • The metal design with corrosion proof increases the life of the device.

4. TAGG Inferno wireless Bluetooth earphone


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The TAGG inferno in ear wireless Bluetooth earphone will provide you the high quality sound that you are expecting from an earphone. The device is equipped with CSR technology and AptX to make your music listening experience more special. The sound quality of this device is so good that you will feel like you are listening live while listening on this device. The device comes with an IPX4 standard of water and sweat resistant. If you buy this earphone today, this is going to add the charm of music in your life. The latest device can be connected to any smart device has Bluetooth 4.1. The Bluetooth technology delivers a strong signal with impressive sound quality by consuming low power. The earphone can be used in work and gym effectively.

It is loaded with CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology to give you the best sound by filtering the background sound. The noise cancellation feature enables you to listen to high quality music with clarity so that you can enjoy your music and movies. The comfortable design fixes around the ear and allows you to be flexible while listening to music. It comes with three ear buds with different sizes so that you can use the ear bud according to your choice.

The 100mAH lithium ion inbuilt battery allows you to enjoy the music continuously for up to 7 hours. The standby of this device is 180 hours. The device comes with a USB port and cable for charging from a laptop, desktop, wall charger, etc. The inbuilt microphone allows you to make hands free calls without the mobile phone. You can get talk time of up to 8 to 9 hours in this device.

The device can make your day special with its beautiful features. The features of TAGG inferno are –

  • It is provided with the latest technology to amplify your music experience.
  • The device is compatible with both IOS and android device.
  • The inbuilt noise cancellation technology doubles your love towards music.

5. Sony WI-C200 wireless Bluetooth earphone


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With a long battery life the Sony WI-C200 Bluetooth earphone makes your journey more special. The lithium ion battery used in this device can run up to 15 hours. The battery takes three hours to charge fully. The long lasting battery makes this device suitable for travellers. The device also supports the quick charge facility. It provides a battery life of up to 60 minutes with 10 minutes of charge. The comfortable design allows you to go beyond your music expectations. The wireless device can do more work by just your voice when you are at a distance of your mobile phone. It has a multi function button by pressing which you can access to SiRi or Google assistant and do the work.

The buds are attached with magnets for easy carrying and keeping. The lightweight device with behind the neck design makes the device more adorable and useful. This trendy wireless device will change your lifestyle and make you feel special. This earphone is available in two colours – black and white. The device is designed in such a way that it will fit for you and will be easy to use. You can use this device anytime, anywhere when you feel bored and want to get relaxed with some music. It comes with an inbuilt microphone that allows making and picking calls anytime, anywhere without the mobile phone.

The 9 mm driver used in this device allows you to enjoy the high quality bass and delivers high quality audio to boost your mood. It delivers excellent audio to make you feel better. With the wonderful design and magnificent style this earphone comes to the top among the Bluetooth earphones on the market. If you are a music lover and want a better earphone to get better music experience, Sony WI-C200 is the device you should buy.

The device is equipped with latest features and provides uncommon music experience to its users.

  • Easy to connect to the Bluetooth devices.
  • Has a lightweight design. The weight of this device is only 15 grams.
  • The device allows HD calling facility with inbuilt microphone.
  • It has a quick charging facility, making suitable for the travellers.

6. TAGG inferno 2.0 wireless Bluetooth earphone


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The TAGG inferno 2.0 earphones deliver premium quality sound and can be used at any place as it comes with IPX7 ratings. The device is suitable to be used in water and during workouts as it have sweat, water and moisture resistant. This earphone comes under the high quality earphones available in the market. It gives you the power and energy to go beyond your limits and focus on your work to complete them. The Bluetooth 4.1 technology provides impressive audio with fast class clarity. The earphone ensures that you are not missing a single bit of your music while using it.

TAGG inferno 2.0 gets power from a 120mAH lithium polymer battery. The battery life of this device is 8 hours when fully charged and it takes just 2 hours to fully charge the battery. You can enjoy movies, music, videos, etc. all day long with this premium range ultra powerful wireless earphone. The battery also supports quick charge. The device can run up to 1 to 2 hours with 20 minutes of charge. The standby time of this device is 240 hours. So it can fulfil your music needs for 8 hours without any interruption in a single charge. You can charge it from your laptop, desktop or car charger through the USB cable provided with it.

The noise reduction function associated with this device makes the sound quality clearer. It allows you to enjoy your music and make HD quality voice calls. The advanced design and sound quality makes this device a perfect choice among its peers. The three earphones of different sizes take care of your comfort and usefulness.   The lightweight device makes your day special and allows you to enjoy your music the way you like.

If you are thinking to buy this product, you should know its features and performance. Below there are some features of this device to consider buying this device or not.

  • It provides high quality sound with filtering the background noise.
  • The long lasting battery allows you to enjoy your music for a long time.
  • You will get full customer support from the manufacturer and warranty of one year.

7. PTron intunes pro Bluetooth earphone


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The lightweight design of this earphone makes it suitable for carry and wears anytime, anywhere. PTron intunes pro earphone is designed with modern technology to make it suitable for regular use. The earphone is made from aerospace grade AL alloy which gives a decent look and comfortable to use. The soft ear buts get fit into your ear and provide you the high quality 3D sound that you can ever expect from an earphone. The device is intentionally designed for sporty people so you can use it in the gym.

The inbuilt microphone of this device allows you to make HD voice calls anytime. The earphone can turn around your neck, allowing you to take all your calls even if the mobile phone is at a distance from you. The device has 14.2 mm acoustic drivers that make 3D HD sound and provide you the crystal clear sound to experience a good music. Bluetooth V4.2+EDR are used in this earphone that offers you seamless audio with higher clarity. The transmission range of this earphone is 10 meters, so it can be connected with any Bluetooth device within this range.

The ear buds have a magnetic attraction feature which helps to keep the device anywhere without any issue. The device can be hanged idly by the neck by attaching the two ear buts through magnetic attraction. The inline control buttons of the earphone allow you to answer or reject a call, volume up or down, play or pause the video. These buttons make your work easier.

The 70mAH lithium polymer battery which powers the device has a life of three hours when fully charged. The earphone is provided with a USB port and cable to charge it when the battery is low. The standby time of this device is 80 hours. This modern wireless earphone is available in three colours – gray, red and gold. The size of the device is 21 x 10.1 x 4 cm.

Some features that make this device stand out of the crowd are listed below.

  • The device has a transmission range of 10 meters.
  • The magnetic attraction feature in ear buts makes it a great device.
  • The noise cancellation technology provides filtered sound to boost your power.

8. PTron tangent evo wireless earphone


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Do you love listening music during workouts? PTron tangent evo is made especially for sporty people to provide them the stereo sound they love during their work. This device is also a good choice for regular use. You can get the best quality sound and comfort from this earphone while working. If you are thinking to buy this earphone, then it will be a great choice of your life. The in-ear earphone can be worn easily to experience the beauty of sound that it is going to provide. It can be used in and out of the door without any issues.

The earphone has sweat resistant so there will be no effect on the sound quality or the performance of the device even if you are using it when sweating. The wireless earphone can go around your neck and provide you a comfortable experience. It is a robust device so it will not break easily. The magnetic ear buds can be kept attached when they are not in use. The microphone present on the earphone enables you to make phone calls without your mobile phone.

The Bluetooth 5.0 technology makes this device more special, among its peers. Any apple, android or windows device enabled with Bluetooth 5.0 can access this earphone by connecting it through Bluetooth. This latest Bluetooth technology consumes less power and provides a great battery life. The PTron tangent evo is faster and stronger compared to the devices with older versions of Bluetooth. The wireless connection range of 33 feet is a great distance to make your work listening music by keeping your phone aside.

It has a 10 mm large speaker driver that provides you the powerful bass you need. The lithium polymer battery of 140mAH provides you to enjoy your music for up to 6 hours when fully charged. The battery takes just 2 hours to fully charge. You will get two extra ear buds of different size so that you can use this device according to your comfort.

PTron tangent evo earphone is a most featured earphone to buy. The features of this wireless earphone are –

  • It uses the latest Bluetooth technology to provide faster and better music experience.
  • The device has a long lasting battery which allows you listening music for up to 6 hours.
  • The warranty period of PTron tangent evo is one year.

9. TAGG sports plus Bluetooth earphone


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TAGG sports plus Bluetooth earphone is designed to provide you the effective sound quality that an affordable earphone should have. This earphone uses Bluetooth V4.1 technology for wireless connection with the Bluetooth enabled devices. The CSR technology makes this device function well. This is a light weight trimmer and you can carry with you while travelling. The noise reduction technology reduces the background noise and provides you outstanding sound that you will definitely love. This product is like a blessing for the sporty people because it has the flexibility that the sporty people need.

The product has inbuilt magnets that let you to hang the earphone on your neck idly when you are not using them. The magnetic lock makes a strong bong between the ear buds so that it will not fall down from your neck easily. The earphone comes with three sets of ear tips so that you can use the ear tip that makes you feel comfortable. The durable design allows you to use this earphone while running, jogging, and working. The nanotechnology implementation makes this sweat and water proof.

The wireless device has three buttons for volume control and video play and pause control. You can also activate Siri through voice control to answer calls. The microphone on the device allows you to pick and hang up the calls without the mobile phone. The TAGG sports plus earphone is compatible with all the Bluetooth enabled devices. It has 2x60mAH lithium ion battery that provides you to use this device for up to 8 hours. The battery takes two hours to full charge and with 20 minutes of charge you can use it for up to 1 to 2 hours. The standby time of this earphone is 240 hours.

TAGG sports plus earphone has some features that one should know before buying this device.

  • The in-ear earphone uses a smart battery technology to upgrade your listening time.
  • It has a stylish design.
  • The sound quality of this device is awesome.

10. Digitek Bluetooth earphone


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This wireless Bluetooth earphone is designed to make people multitasking. With a compact design Digitek Bluetooth earphone provides a comfortable fit. The sweat proof earphone allows you to wear this device all the time and do your work without any worries. The magnetic lock makes the device suitable to keep it on your neck or hang it idly anywhere you want.

The Bluetooth 5.0 technology allows you to connect this device with up to two devices simultaneously and use it effectively. You can make hands free calls by using the inbuilt microphone. In your daily busy life this device will put a positive impact on your lifestyle and help you in handling the tasks successfully.

The power button on this device can be used to turn on the voice assistant and turn off the earphone. The ‘+’ button is used for volume up and previous track function. The ‘-‘button is used for volume down and next track functions. The unique design and attractive features make this product a better earphone to use. It has a lithium battery to power the device. The size of the product is 18 x 18 x 2 cm. this device is a perfect choice for sports people.

If you are willing to purchase this device to change your lifestyle, you should consider the features of this device and then decide.

  • It allows you to do your workout without any interruption.
  • The magnetic buds make this device more attractive.
  • You will get a 1 year warranty from the purchase date.

How to choose a Bluetooth earphone? – A Buying Guide

A Bluetooth earphone makes your hands free truly. It allows you to do more task while listening to your favourite music track. To get the best out of the Bluetooth earphone you need to consider some factors associated with Bluetooth earphone while buying a Bluetooth earphone. The list below is a list of features that you should consider when purchasing a Bluetooth earphone.

  • The battery life

This is the most important factor to consider while choosing a Bluetooth earphone. The battery life of the device decides how much time you can spend with this device. If you choose an earphone with good battery life, you can enjoy the Bluetooth earphone for more time. A good battery life increases the productivity. If the earphone has a poor battery life, you have to spend more time to charge it and you will get less time to use it. So purchase a Bluetooth earphone with good battery life and enjoy the endless music.

  • Should have a standard USB port and cable for charging

As you are going to use this product every day, you must charge this product every day. If the product is provided with a USB cable and a USB port on the body, you can charge this device easily from a laptop, desktop, wall charger or car charger. By having a standard USB configuration the device allows you to charge the device using any USB cable you have with you in case you forgot or missed the USB cable provided by the manufacturer. So you should check that the earphone has a USB cable while purchasing it.

  • High quality sound with bass

You are purchasing a Bluetooth device for a better music experience. So the sound and base quality should be better to make your music experience better. If the sound quality is not good, you will have a bad experience and you will feel like your money is wasted. You should check the specifications and if required check the earphone live before buying the device. You should not compromise with the sound quality while buying a Bluetooth earphone as this is the only purpose for what you are buying this earphone. High quality sound with bass is a must include feature for every Bluetooth earphone.

  • Control buttons

The control buttons are the accessing tools of the Bluetooth earphones. You should always choose a Bluetooth earphone that comes with the control button features. This allows you to control the earphone easily without taking the help of your mobile phone. Control buttons on the earphone allows you control the volume, call receiving and rejecting, video previous and next controls.

  • Microphone

It is an essential feature of a Bluetooth earphone. This feature makes the calling function easier for you. So, The Bluetooth earphone you are going to purchase must have a microphone.

  • Water proof and noise cancellation

Many people use Bluetooth earphones during workouts. Generally people sweat during workouts, so if the earphone has no water or sweat resistant, it may not work in that situation. So for seamless operation you should choose a Bluetooth earphone with water and sweat proof.

For a better sound quality noise cancellation is important. The noise cancellation technology reduces the background sound and provides you the clear sound of music. The Bluetooth earphone without the noise cancellation technology will provide you the mixed sound which will be so irritating. So choose a Bluetooth earphone with the noise cancellation feature to get the effective results from that.


So now you have an idea in your mind that how to choose a Bluetooth earphone. You should consider the above factors and make a list of your own requirements and then find the Bluetooth earphone for you. When you will do this, definitely you will find a suitable product for you from the above list of 10 best Bluetooth earphones available in India. The list covers all the specifications of each product that you should know before buying it. If you are really looking for a Bluetooth earphone to intensify your music experience, read the details of each product and then decide which one will match with your requirements.

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