10 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 1000 Rs In 2020

Digital and social media have changed our entertainment system. Today we enjoy watching videos and audios on phones and tabs. But the phones and tabs usage are not limited to entertainment. We use them for various other purposes like answering our emails, attending meetings, replying to a text, placing orders, and paying utility bills.

As the demand for phones and its usages increased, so did the features. Bluetooth is not a recent invention in the digital world, but it has been ruling the world today. Bluetooth earphones are the most convenient and easiest way to go about our everyday business. Bluetooth earphones are wireless, which means you need not worry about tangled wires getting lost in your purses.

The best part of the Bluetooth earphones is that they can be carried with you anywhere and everywhere. The battery life of the Bluetooth earphones is better than regular ones. These rechargeable earphones are very handy with amazing features. Most Bluetooth earphones with smart technology help users answer calls and texts by pairing them to your phones, tablets, and PCs.

The compact and portable nature of the Bluetooth earphones doesn’t affect its durability. The Bluetooth earphones come with double coverage, which is practical for everyday usage. The evolution of the Bluetooth earphones, coupled with its unique features, is a great investment to make in today’s world.

Bluetooth earphones are one such gadget that everyone wants to own. Bluetooth earphones are available in varied quality and design. It is important to do appropriate research on the market to understand the features and quality of the earphone you want to buy. No doubt, Bluetooth earphones are available in the market for Rs.1000 or less, yet it is necessary to do proper research for picking the right one.

The market offers wide varieties of Bluetooth earphones, which can get overwhelming, so do not let this discourage you. In this article, we have shared the ten best Bluetooth earphones that you can consider purchasing. The article gives a detailed description of the product with highlighted features. The earphones mentioned hereafter are less than 1000 rupees, which is reasonable considering their features and function.

Read through the article to know more about the ten best Bluetooth earphones.

Best Buy Bluetooth Earphones Below 1000 INR

 In this part of the article, we will be discussing the ten best wireless Bluetooth earphones. Buying a wireless earphone is not that straight forward you need to consider certain important features to make the right choice. The four important features that any wireless earphone user should consider are audio performance, design, and weight, fit of the earphone, quality, and finally, the battery life of the earphone.

In addition to this, price does play a role in choosing the right earphone. But the earphones mentioned in this article are less than 1000 rupees. The ten best earphones of the article include all four significant features mentioned above. The list contains some of the best models available in the market produced by reputed and well-known companies. To know more about these models to help you in your search for a right wireless Bluetooth earphone, continue to read the article.

1. PTron Tangent Evo Earphones

PTron Tangent Evo Earphones

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PTron Tangent wireless Bluetooth earphone is a product that we will be discussing in this article. PTron is a mobile accessories and electronics company that started its manufacturing process in the year 2014. The company offers a wide range of mobile accessories to meet the needs of customers worldwide. One best feature of the company’s mobile accessories is that a warranty backs its range of product quality. At the same time, the company is equipped to offer their products at a competitive price in the branded mobile accessory category.

PTron Tangent is one such product offered by the company with the best features and quality. The customers consider tangent wireless earphones by PTron for three significant features. The in-ear wireless earphone provides stereo sound with bass clarity. The magnetic earbuds are very comfortable to wear and stylish to look at. Apart from this, the other features of the Bluetooth earphone are mentioned below.


  • Magnetic earbuds and in-ear Bluetooth earphones provide amazing sound clarity to enjoy music on the go.
  • The earphones include remote control access. This feature allows the users to answer calls, control music remotely. PTron tangent earphones provide the users to enjoy a hands-free experience.
  • The warranty assured by the company backs PTron tangent wireless Bluetooth earphone quality.
  • The range of the PTron Tangent wireless Bluetooth earphone is excellent. It covers a wireless range of 10m, which is one of the best features in the market.
  • Apart from these features, the wireless Bluetooth earphone features include ergonomic design, 160mAh battery, Micro USB cable charging, and dual phone connectivity.

2. Leaf Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Leaf Sport Wireless Bluetooth earphone

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Leaf sport is a sophisticated and stylish wireless Bluetooth earphone with fantastic features. This wireless Bluetooth earphone is developed and produced by a company known as Leaf studio. The company has been in the business of manufacturing audio products for some time now.

The audio products developed by the company we set to inspire positivity in people by connecting them to music. Leaf audio products, including leaf sport wireless Bluetooth earphones provide good design and premium sound quality. Leaf sport wireless Bluetooth earphones make the user feel the music like never before.

The leaf sport earphone comes with a Mic and 4.1 Bluetooth technologies that ensure perfect stereo sound quality. The earphones of the product include balanced left and right stereo channels for effective performance. The remaining features of leaf sport wireless earphones are mentioned below.


  • The earphone has a built-in Mic that enables the users to accept or reject calls, smart assistants like Siri and Google Now. The built-in microphone is a very useful feature of the earphone, which is important for playing or pause the music.
  • Leaf sport comes with a powerful built-in lithium battery that provides 200 hrs of standby time, which includes 6 hours of talk time and 6 hours of music playtime.
  • The Ergonomic design of the Bluetooth earphone is an important advantage. The duality of the product, coupled with the design of the earphone, ensures it stays at a place even during intense activities like running and jogging.
  • Nano-coated technology of the earphone is also very useful as they protect the gadget against sweat.
  • The earphone allows for fast pairing with smartphones, which includes Bluetooth functionality.
  • Finally, the earphones come with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

3. iBall sporty Bluetooth Earphones

iBall sporty Bluetooth Earphones

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 iBall is a well-known company in the business of electronics and its manufacturing. The company is known for making audio and video devices like speakers, laptop camera, earphones, etc. The company has made a name for itself in the market for its quality and features. It is not wrong to call gadgets made by iBall as trustworthy.

 iBall sporty Bluetooth earphone living up to the expectation of the includes quality and practical features. The sporty look of the wireless earphones is very appealing. Its fluorescent yellow color further increases the look of the earphone. The latest 4.1 Bluetooth version supports iBall sporty Bluetooth earphones. This feature of the earphone makes it easy to pair with all smartphones.


  • The sporty look of the earphone is the first feature that attracts customers towards it. The sporty look of the earphone motivates the users to go the extra mile and get that workout done.
  • The compact and simple design of the earphone is yet another feature that makes the product appealing.
  • The earphones includes a supreme sound quality that is very significant if you are a music lover
  • Angular shaped earbuds of the gadget are very comfortable to wear and fit perfectly. The perfect fit of the earphone is useful to hold them in place, especially during an intense activity like running and jogging.
  • Universal compatibility with all Bluetooth supported devices
  • The in-built battery of the earphone is quick and easy to charge and provides a standby time of 150 hours.

4. Digitek Bluetooth Earphones (DBE 008)

Digitek Bluetooth Earphones

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A busy life coupled with a tight schedule calls for quick fixes or hassle-free options. One such option that is very useful for listening to music is wireless earphones. Nobody loves untangling the wires while you are in a hurry to either listen to your favorite song or answer a call. But with wireless Bluetooth earphones, you never have to worry about tangled wires.

Digitek Bluetooth earphones come with magnetic absorption buds with unique features. These buds are a great way to store the earphones without worrying about tangled wires. Digitek Company aspires to be the best in the market. The company has been achieving its goal by looking forward and providing gadgets that meet the future needs of a customer.

The goal and vision of the company Digitek are shown in its product. The earphone is designed to be stylish and comfortable. Fit is an important feature in determining your attitude towards the product. Digitek Bluetooth wireless earphones have a comfortable fit that makes wearing it for a long duration easy. Other features of the gadget are as follows:


  • The earbuds of the earphones are designed to provide a comfortable fit, which doesn’t disturb the user of fall off during intense activity or traveling.
  • 5.0 Bluetooth version of the earphone enables the users to connect two different smartphones simultaneously. The earphone provides great compatibility and easy pairing with smartphones supported by Bluetooth technology.
  • The earphone is equipped with a touch button that enables the users to carry out various activities like activation personal assistant, controlling music, and turning off the earphone.
  • The built-in memory and Mic of the earphone are two necessary and practical features.
  • Finally, the texture of the earphone is such that it can hang like a necklace and not cause any kind of discomfort as and when used by the customer.

5. Syvo Flex Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

Syvo Flex Bluetooth Wireless Earphones

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Svyo flex earphones are next in our list. Svyo is a specific brand offering innovative electronic products and mobile accessories like earphones. Svyo flex wireless earphones are superiorly built with stylish appearance. The earphone includes built-in magnets that attach the earbuds together when not in use.

The best part of the Svyo flex wireless earphone is that it comes with a neckband. The neckband is a significant feature of the earphone, which is necessary for safety. The neckband of the earphones holds it in place when engaged in activities like running and jogging. Few other features of the earphone are mentioned hereafter.


  • The Svyo flex earphone is known for its two primary features superior built and audio performance.
  • The design of the earphone is in accordance with the use of the customers. The earphones come with a 1PX4 rating, which prevents it from getting damaged against water splash and sweat.
  • Advanced chipset included in the build of the Svyo flex wireless earphone assures premium audio performance. The earphone is all set to deliver quality sound performance desired by customers.
  • Further, the earphone is supported by advanced 5.0 Bluetooth technology that allows skipping –free listening experience and reliable Bluetooth compatibility with a strong connection.
  • Svyo flex wireless earphones can be called as a universal earphone. This is mainly because the bud of the earphone is designed to fit any individual. The earphones include different sizes of ear tips for individual fit.
  • Finally, the earphone comes with three simple buttons to control and communicate with your Smartphone. The battery life of the earphone is backed by a built-in lithium-ion battery that gives you 10 hours of playtime or talks time.

6. Flybot wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Flybot wireless Bluetooth earphones

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The trend of wireless earphones started with the launch of air pods and earbuds by Apple and Samsung, respectively. Various other companies followed this trend and started launching wireless earphones of various kinds. One such company that launched premium quality wireless earphones in India is Flybot.

Flybot is a lifestyle brand that recently announced the launch of wireless earphones known as flybot. Flybot wireless earphones were launched in three categories, namely, sport, beat etc. Flybot sport wireless earphone is a deep bass earphone available at a reasonable price. The main feature that distinguishes flybot sport earphones, among other models, is its design. The earphone is designed to include features that allow for hearing clearly without the distraction of background noise. The other features of the earphone are mentioned below.


  • With flybot sport wireless earphones, the user is all set to enjoy the audio performance to a new extent. The earphone provides for a clear and loud listening effect without the distraction of background noise.
  • The earphones come with a built-in Mic, which can be adjusted. The Mic can also be rotated and to boom up and move out of the way to mute.
  • Flybot sport wireless earphones are coated with an IPX7 rating that prevents the gadget from getting wet due to sweat or a sudden splash of water.
  • Audio features of the flyboat sport wireless earphone are Qualcomm’s chipset, which provides super bass effect, HD clarity, and 40mm drivers.
  • The compatibility of the earphone with Bluetooth supported devices is good. The battery capacity of the earphone is 100 mAh, which charges in less than 2 hours.
  • Finally, the earphone provides noise-canceling experience with the transmission range of 10 meters. The company assures the quality of the product by providing a warranty of 1 year for the earphone.

7. Beetel N02 Bluetooth hands-free Earphones

Beetel N02 Bluetooth hands-free earphones

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Beetel N02 hands-free Bluetooth earphone is included in our list for its simple design and price. Beetel is a very old name in the electronics industry. The company has gained the trust of its customers in India by offering good quality products. Beetel is a household name for landlines when they were in use. Today the company has evolved and has launched unique products like earphones that are in trend and need of the hour.

Beetel N02 BT is a simple earphone with extraordinary features. Look no more for your perfect music companion. Beetle BT N02 wireless earphones tick all right boxes and exceed the expectations of a user. Experience the true music with freedom and not worrying about tangled wires with Beetel wireless earphones.


  • The Beetle wireless earphone comes with BT stereo earbuds that provide powerful sound effects and quality performance. The earphone is designed to include powerful Bluetooth transfer speeds, which gives you the freedom to carry your playlist while on the road.
  • The neckband design of the beetle earphone is very comfortable to wear and use. The weight of the earphone, which is just 22.7g, makes it even more comfortable wearing or using it. The design of the earphone was finalized to support people who are always on the go. No more boring workouts with Beetel N02 BT wireless earphones.
  • The neckband of the earphone has a flexible collar that moves effortlessly with every movement. The flat cable design of the earphone further adds to the comfort and convenience of the product.
  • The last significant feature of the earphone is sweat resistant. The beetle earphone is coated with effective material that prevents damage against sweat and water splash. The earbuds of the earphone have soft silicone ear tips for a fitting and happy experience.

8. Sketchfab Boompod TWS Wireless Earphones

Sketchfab Boompod TWS Wireless Earphones

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The next earphone in our list that stands as a competition to high-end brands is from a company known as Sketchfab. The company started off its business by manufacturing 3D and VR model viewers. Today Sketchfab has launched wireless earbuds with elegant design and premium quality.

Sketchfab Boompod earbuds can also be called mini stereo earbuds. This is because of its audio performance and sound effect. The classic design and smooth surface of the Sketchfab earphones are two main reasons why users prefer it.


  • Earbuds offer a full range of motion, which worries about tangled wires or neckband dangling when engaged in intense activity. The earbuds stay in place, allowing the users to enjoy complete freedom and movement.
  • The core technology of the Sketchfab earbuds includes Bluetooth 5.0, LED dual charge, waterproof, sensitive operating buttons, automatic pairing, noise reduction, and bilateral call.
  • The earbuds come with an innovative design and technology that provides cutting-edge Hi-Fi stereo sound, high-frequency sound response, and distortion-free bass effect.
  • It provides precise and fast Bluetooth connectivity as the earbuds come with the latest and leading Bluetooth technology in the industry. The earbuds are equipped with built-in features that allow for a connectivity range of 33 feet or 10m. The buds provide a bigger and richer sound than you would expect from a compact device.
  • The last features of the earbuds are the waterproof, sweat proof, and dirt –resistance which is made possible because of its IPX5 water protecting technology. The battery of the earbuds provides a total of 100 hours of standby time on a full charge.

9. Sly plus U Neckband wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Sly plus U Neckband wireless Bluetooth earphones

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The ninth wireless Bluetooth earphone that we will be discussing today in the article is Sly plus U neckband. Sly plus U collar size Bluetooth earphones can be adjusted to the needs of an individual user.

Sly plus wireless neckband earphones is preferred by many users for its compact design and features. The earphone can be easily worn under a hat or a helmet and enjoy the music while on the road. The compact design of the wireless earphone doesn’t compromise audio-quality. The earphones are a perfect companion for all kinds of activities, whether it is running, biking, hiking, or simply walking around. All in all, the Sly plus U neckband earphone has a lot to offer.


  • The neckband is designed to provide higher performance with amazing sound quality. The Sly plus U neckband is considered a perfect friend for all the customer needs.
  • The earphone provides a top-notch quality in terms of sound. The accuracy of the earphone increases with the bass and treble sound quality. The earphone gives you a fully balanced audio experience.
  • The earphone size is designed for comfort. The lightweight and size of the earphone help in minimal ear canal fatigue, which can be worn for long listening sessions.
  • The ergonomically designed earphones fit well and include built-in buttons for controlling music and other phone operations. The earphones come with a USB port, which is available for charging. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery of the earphone provides for 11 hours of talk time and 500 hrs of standby time.
  • The last and final feature of the earphone is the noise cancellation effect. The Bluetooth earphone has a noise cancellation feature to answer calls without any disturbance.

10. Energy – Sistem sport Bluetooth Earphones

Energy – Sistem sport Bluetooth earphones

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The last earphone that we would be discussing in our article today is Energy Sistem sports Bluetooth earphone. Energy Sistem is a Spanish tech company that has forayed into the business of producing audio segments by launching a range of gadgets like earphones, headphones in India.

Energy Sistem sports Bluetooth earphone is designed for sports lovers. The great sound and functionality of the Bluetooth earphone incline users towards it. The earphone includes a secure fit-system that makes using and working with it all more comfortable.


  • The earphone is designed to do sport and other intense activity with freedom without being tied to wires.
  • Energy Sistem earphones come with an ear hook that provides users to carry out a training session with great comfort and safety while wearing the earphones.
  • The earphone is designed to provide a sound performance that can be balanced between deep bass clear treble.
  • The Energy Sistem earphone comes with a built-in microphone that provides for hands-free and calls control functions.
  • The earphones interchangeable pads of the earphone in three different sizes make it universal fit and comfort.
  • Ergonomic design of the wireless Bluetooth with ultra-lightweight is a perfect pair for a training session.

Bottom Line

With this, we conclude the list of ten best wireless Bluetooth earphones in India for less than 1000 Rupees. The earphones mentioned in the article are best in terms of quality and features. The design of the earphones, coupled with amazing sound effects, makes it a desired product by the customers. Reputed companies manufacture the earphones, and the majority of them include a warranty by the manufacturer.

The article also includes a link to the online store Amazon, offering easy access to the stores. Consider the points mentioned in the article and features of the product before choosing the right pair of your music companion.