10 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000 Rs In 2021

When we talk about electronics we always assume them that are expensive. Though we love to spend on electronics like headphones, phones, tablets, etc. We restrict ourselves to buying gadgets that we need. We consider owning the best and latest gadgets you more money but the truth is you can own some of the technologically advanced electronics like bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India

If you are looking for an audio device and not willing to spend a ton of money on it then this article is perfect for you. Here we have shared the features and specification of 10 best Bluetooth earphones that are less expensive but provide you with amazing sound clarity. Bluetooth earphones are currently ruling the market by providing the user with all possible benefits.

Bluetooth earphones are considered the best option for listening to music, watching videos or answering calls. This is because Bluetooth earphones are wireless and can be paired with your devices without much hassle. Buying a good Bluetooth earphone doesn’t call for a heavy pocket. Today we can find the best and smart Bluetooth earphones well within the budget.

Spending rs 2000 or less on Bluetooth earphones gives you the freedom in selecting a device that provides better performance coupled with extraordinary features.  The build quality of the earphone for less than rs 2000 is high enough to make people invest prefer it. There are plenty of Bluetooth earphones available in the market. Some of the well-known brands and companies have launched the best and viable options.

Of all the options available in the market, we have picked 10 best Bluetooth earphones of 2020 for under 2000 rupees and shared the same in this article. We understand that picking the right type of Bluetooth earphone is tough and confusing.

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000

Photo Title View
boAt Rockerz 255 with Upto 8 Hours Playback, Secure Fit, IPX5, Magnetic Earbuds, and Voice Assistant v5.0 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones with Mic (Active Black) Check Price
realme Buds Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones with Mic (Yellow) Check Price
TAGG Inferno Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Headphone with Mic Check Price
Crossbeats Vibe Silcone Wireless Headband neckbank Bluetooth Headset with auto On/Off Check Price
Sony WI-C200 Wireless Headphones with 15 Hrs Battery Life, Quick Charge, Magnetic Earbuds for Tangle Free Carrying, BT ver 5.0,Work from home, In-Ear Bluetooth Headset with mic for phone calls (Black) Check Price
JBL T205BT by Harman Wireless Bluetooth in Ear Neckband Headphones with Mic (Black) Check Price
Blaupunkt Be50 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones with Mic Black Check Price
Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic Dynamic bass, Splash and Sweat Proof, up to 9hrs Battery (Black) Check Price

Last updated on July 8, 2022


So read the guide shared in this article and understand the key features to look for when buying a Bluetooth earphone.

1. Boat Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth wireless earphone


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Boat rockers 255 are a classic and one of the best pair of Bluetooth wireless earphones available in the market. It is an amazing pair of wireless earphones that enhances the quality of music and audio experience for the users. The boat rockerz 255 sport Bluetooth wireless earphones are lightweight to carry and use. The earphone provides interesting experience to the users by pumping out tunes with powerful HD and deep bass sound.

The boat rockerz 255 comes with advanced Bluetooth connectivity of 4.1 versions. The functionality of bat rockerz 255 Bluetooth wireless earphones is of superior quality. When it comes to battery life boat rockerz 255 wireless Bluetooth earphones can play up to 45 minutes with 10 minutes charge. This stylish earphone is available in multiple colour options such as black, neon, ocean blue and raging red.

The best part of boat rockerz 255 wireless earphones is that they are made of superior quality material accompanied by metal housing and chrome accent. The boat rockerz 255 earphone is quite different from the mainstream usage of phones. The boat rockerz 255 is coupled with a hands-free control panel enabling users to take over their auditory experience. Users of boat rockerz 255 earphones can control the volume, change tracks, answer calls and activate SIRI or Google now.

Top Features

  • The earphone is the best companion for users to carry during travel as it is lightweight
  • The earphones provide an edgy experience to the users with voice assistant commands
  • The earphone comes with a 110mAH battery providing it a longer battery life

2. Realme Buds Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth 


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The next best wireless earphone in our list of best bluetooth earphones under 2000 in India is Realme buds. This is the very first wireless earphones made by the Realme Company. The Realme Buds are a magnetic earphone form a Smartphone brand in India at a budget price range.

The Realme buds come with built-in magnets making it easy to carry and clean. The Realme buds wireless earphones is known for its durability. The earphone includes features like reinforced and breaks resistance synthetic fiber that increases its durability. The material and make of Realme buds are top-notch and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

One quality of Realme Buds that stands out is the ear tips, which bends to 45 degrees. Realme buds feel comfortable to wear for long usage. Realme Buds are made of good build quality material that is tested to ensure the earphones match the expectation of the users.

The Realme bud wireless earphones can be used for 100 minutes when charged for 10 minutes. Again Realme Buds like the previous earphone mentioned in the article has a large 100mAh battery, which can play up to 10 hours with 1.5 hours of charge. The 11.2 mm drivers of Realme buds wireless earphone is great for crystal clear sound clarity.  Another thing to note is, This device only provides 6 months warranty.

Top Features

  • Build-in microphone that makes answering calls convenient
  • Bluetooth wireless feature of the earphone is compatible with all devices
  • The earphone can be used for 10 hours straight with a full battery
  • Realme buds apart from being magnetic come with auto on and off feature for good audio connection.
  • Battery backup is good.

3. MuveAcoustics Edge MA-1020SB Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

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MuveAcoustics Edge wireless Bluetooth earphone is a perfect choice for buyers looking for an edge factor in their earphones. This device can be purchased by the buyer at online stores at a budget-friendly price range of rupees 1,499. The price of MuveAcoustics is not the only factor that bought it a place in the top ten earphones less than in rs 2000 in India. The low price of MuveAcoustics has not compromised on the music quality or sound experience to its buyers.

MuveAcoustics Edge MA – 1020SB wireless Bluetooth earphone delivers superior sound quality. Edge MA – 1020SB by MuveAcoustics is designed to make sure that music lovers do not miss a beat and enjoy the bass experience. The earphone is accompanied by hands-on features like noise cancellation and rich bass to take the audio experience of a user to a whole new level.

MuveAcoustics earphone is best for sports usage as the earbuds are IPX-4 rated making it both water and sweat resistance. The light weight of the MuveAcoustics Edge earphone is also an added advantage; it can be used for all purposes for work to enjoyment. The built-in microphone, tangle-free design, and compactness of the earphone are some of the best and desired quality of MuveAcoustics.

Top Features

  • The earphone can last for 7 hours with a full charge
  • East streaming of music with hands-free control access that can be operated from a phone through Bluetooth Technology
  • User-friendly control options allowing switching between music and answering calls easily
  • can be paired with phones and laptops seamlessly.

4. Tagg Inferno, Wireless Bluetooth Earphone 


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The next best wireless Bluetooth earphone on our list is Tagg Inferno. This wireless Bluetooth earphone comes with all the best features there is to offer. Tagg Inferno Wireless Bluetooth earphone is an excellent choice for individuals who are looking for classy earphones with all the right features. The Tagg inferno wireless Bluetooth earphone is available in the market for a price range of rs 2000 bombarded with extraordinary features.

The price and features of the Tagg inferno wireless Bluetooth earphone are two major advantages for its buyers. Tagg Inferno has an in-built microphone, which makes it easy for answering calls without interrupting the audio quality.

Tagg Inferno wireless Bluetooth earphone is a noise isolation earphone with water and sweat resistance. The IPX4 of the inferno makes the earphone sweat resistance. The invisible nano-coating technology is the main reason for protecting the ear tips against sweat. The Tagg inferno wireless Bluetooth earphone can be compatible with all mobile devices. The neckband design and material used in making Tagg inferno are of durable quality and comfort that ensures earphones stay in place even when involved in heavy activities like jogging or working out.

Tagg Inferno makers have delivered cutting edge technology features in a wireless Bluetooth earphone to the buyer at a very pocket-friendly price. The earphone is efficient and convenient to use by users of all age groups.

Top Features

  • Can be paired with all Bluetooth devices like apple watch, LG, iPhone, and Samsung galaxy notes.
  • The powerful Lithium battery capacity of 100mAh provides 8-9 hours of talk time and 7 hours of music time on a full charge.
  • Inferno comes with a built-in microphone for answering calls while submerging in music
  • The carry case that is provided with the Tagg inferno Bluetooth earphone is an easy and safe option to carry it while on the road.

5. Cross beats Raga Wireless Bluetooth Earphones 

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Cross beats Raga Wireless Bluetooth earphone is an amazing find and a much mention in this article. The features of Cross beats Raga wireless Bluetooth earphones are advanced technology. The Cross beats Raga features the latest Bluetooth technology that can be supported by multiple devices. In fact, Cross beats Raga wireless Bluetooth earphone provides an option of multiple device connections

The latest Bluetooth technology of 4.1CSR and APT-X allows the users to enjoy High Definition music and solid and goog bass experience. The earbuds of Cross beats Raga, it is made of soft rubber finish and silicone that allows the users to wear it for a long duration without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

One unique feature of Cross beats Raga is the ear hooks. The ear hooks of Crossbeats Rage ensure that the devices stay in place even when the user is working out or jogging. The sweat-proof of Crossbeats Raga motivates the user to carry on with their training without having to worry about drowning the buds in sweat.

The advanced noise cancellation feature of Crossbeats Raga enables the user to experience the amazing sound effects while doing just about anything. To experience the true power of Crossbeats Raga ensure not many applications is running on your phone or tab as this can interfere with the Bluetooth connectivity.

The device has easy computability and can work up to 10 meters coupled with easy access phone control to manage the listening experience.

Top Features

  • Bluetooth connectivity with the latest version of 4.1CSR8635 with APT-X compression
  • Cross beats Raga wireless earphone support multiple device connections
  • The battery life of Cross beats Raga lasts up to 8 hours on 2 hours of single charge and battery life is displayed on the device.
  • The signal rage of Cross beats raga is up to 33 feet and the frequency range is 2.4 GHz 2.48 GHz
  • voice assistant commands

6. Sony WI-C200 Wireless Neck-Band Headphones


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Sony WI-C200 wireless Neckband headphone is an ideal choice for people who are looking for a device to use for a longer duration. Sony is a well – known company in the world of electronics in the world. Sony bluetooth products are of great quality and make, apart from earphones Sony also manufacturers TV units, audio devices and other electronics.

Sony products are a great use for daily needs, keeping up the expectation of buyers with Sony products WI-C200 wireless neckband earphones is best in music quality and design. Sony WI-C200 is available in the market in multiple colour options, namely, black and white.

One feature that we loved about Sony WI-C200 is that with the quick charge of 10 minutes that the wireless earphone can last for 1 hour of playback. Sony WI-C200 provides a hands-free feature that makes receiving and answering calls easy without having to interrupt the music experience.

9mm driver unit of Sony WI-C200 wireless neckband headphones provides crystal clear and HD sound quality. The magnetic earphone of Sony WI-C200 is best for long-duration usage. The next best feature of Sony WI-C200 is that the two earphones can be stick together when not in use for safekeeping. The device comes with a charging cable and an extra set of earbuds for durability and longer usage.

Top Features

  • Wireless Bluetooth earphone best for casual and daily usage
  • Sony WI – C200 has the longest battery life that lasts up to 15 hours of playtime
  • 9mm driver with unique and best sound quality feature
  • Built-in microphone and hands-free calling application that offers HD sound quality and clarity.

7. JBL T205BT Pure Bass Wireless Metal Earbud Headphones


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The Company JBL has been associated with manufacturing electronics and accessories for a long time now. JBL audio devices are of top-notch quality and extremely durable. JBL T205BT pure bass wireless earbuds stay true to the name and reputation of the company.

These earbuds come with cutting edge technology and advanced features. JBL audio devices have always been a crowd-pleaser and so does JBL T205BT pure bass wireless Metal earbud headphones. As the name suggests this earphone is packed with a powerful audio system. JBL T205BT superior sound quality makes the users experience powerful bass that is truly an outstanding experience.

The wireless Bluetooth streaming and wireless high-quality sound experience are two important features of JBL T205BT wireless Bluetooth earphone features. The built-in lithium battery of JBL T205BT wireless earphone supports playback time of 6 hours with a full charge.

The access panel for answering calls and controlling the music is convenient located on the fly with buttons and microphone placed on the ear cup. The three-button remote is also extremely easy to control the functioning and working of a JBL T205BT wireless earphones.

The cable of JBL – T205BT is tangle free and is accompanied by a 12mm dynamic driver that reproduces some good bass experience of the JBL company audio system.

Top Features

  • Metal earbuds that are designed for comfort and an extra pair of ear cups for regular wear and tear
  • 12mm dynamic driver for extraordinary sound bass quality
  • Innovative tangle-free wire and design that reproduces the quality and guarantee of JBL company brand
  • In build microphone for easy answering of calls while experiencing uninterrupted music experience.

8. Blaupunkt BE50 IPX5 neckband Bluetooth Wireless Earphone


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The Blaupunkt BE50 IPX5 neckband Bluetooth wireless earphone is yet again the best audio device that comes with some amazing and advanced features. BE50 of Blaupunkt yet again comes with a long battery life next to Sony audio devices. It is a powerhouse that can work up to 12 hours on a full battery charge and is also the battery can last for 2 weeks on standby mode.

The Blaupunkt audio devices are known to produce the best sound quality; it offers High definition sound with ultimate music experience enhancing the joy of listening to your favorite tunes. The Blaupunkt BE50 tough has a neckband and earbuds the users can never experience the weight of the device. This is mainly because high-grade materials are used in manufacturing them. The high-grade materials are lightweight and do not add to the weight of the Bluetooth earphones.

The control of BE50 is very unique it has a separate button for different options such as answer, end, reject and switch songs without having to open the phone. The hands-free accessing of control is the best feature of wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Lastly, the water-resistant feature of the BE50 makes sure that the users never have to worry about being damaged by dust or water. The 45 degrees angled earpiece makes sure that the earphone stays put while on the go. 1 Year warranty is given with this device.

Top Features

  • BE50 Blaupunkt earphone provides ultimate High definition music experience
  • The battery life of Blaupunkt is very high with 12 hours of playtime and 2 weeks of standby time.
  • The neckband of Blaupunkt offers additional safety for using it while on the move
  • IPX5 feature of Blaupunkt provides water-resistance to the earphone and not worry about water splashes.

9. Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones Basic Dynamic bass


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The next and one of the best wireless Bluetooth earphones that we would be discussing today is from Mi Company. Mi Sports Bluetooth earphone with basic dynamic deep bass can be bought at a very reasonable price range of rupees 1500. This audio device is highly recommended for the users who are looking for cutting edge technology earphones without having to spend a lot of money.

Apart from being pocket-friendly Mi sports Bluetooth earphone offers some of the best features make users happy with their choice. One such feature of Mi sports bluetooth earphones is a 10mm sound driver that can be optimized from medium to low sound quality without compromising on the audio quality.

The high-quality copper wires of Mi-sport Bluetooth earphones are attractive in design and includes a built-in microphone. The ear hook of Mi sport wireless Bluetooth earphone can be adjusted to any given angle to match the user’s ear. This feature of Mi earphone makes it comfortable to wear and enjoy the music. The earphone also comes with PET diaphragm to control the vibration.

The support voice assistant and durable MEMS silicon microphone also provide clarity to voice calls and other sound experience.

Top Features

  • In build microphone for quality call experience
  • The earphone features splash and sweat resistance
  • Can last 9 hours of battery life

10. Mivi Collar Wireless Bluetooth Neckband Earphones with Mic


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The last wireless Bluetooth earphone that we will be talking about in this article is Mivi Collar. The earphone features CVC 6.0 passive noise cancellation technology that provides a clear sound effect. The Mivi collar earphone can be paired with most of the devices that support Bluetooth technology easily and seamlessly.

The Mivi Collar Bluetooth earphones come with a control button that enables the users to answer calls, navigate through music and activate Siri or Google play without having to open the phone. The Mivi collar battery life can last for 10 hours with few hours of charging. 1-year warranty is provided with this device.

Top Features

  • IPX4 rated Bluetooth earphone for sweat and splash resistance
  • Lasts up to 10 hours playtime and 250 hours of standby time on a full single charge
  • Noise isolation enables the music to love to enjoy the tunes and beats by removing unwanted sounds.

Features to look for when buying a best wireless earphone in India

When buying any electronic a lot of technical terms and specifications are involved. But knowing what features to look for when buying a Bluetooth earphone makes your investment worthwhile. Here is a list of features that a Bluetooth earphone must include:

Sound clarity: the main purpose of an audio device is listening to music or watching videos.  Look for a Bluetooth earphone that offers the best sound quality possible. Today the market includes features like sound cancellation. Buying a Bluetooth earphone with a sound cancellation feature shows you how much sound can be removed and how well you can get lost in the music world.

Battery life: it is a fact that we carry our pair of earphones everywhere we go. We use it when traveling, studying or doing just about any activity. Do get tempted by the features an earphone comes with. Do pay attention to the battery life; you wouldn’t want your headphones to die in the middle of a workout session or a movie.

Convenience to carry: if you are someone who loves to carry a Bluetooth earphone while on-road then looks for a compact and lightweight model. Carrying a heavy and bulky set of earphones is not practical.

Water resistance: the next feature to look for when buying a Bluetooth earphone is whether or not water resistance. If you are using your earphones while working out the chances of sweat damaging the ear buds is more. So look for an earphone that is water and sweat resistant and does not damage the ear tips. Most available Bluetooth earphone is water-resistant but it is safe to double-check the feature.

Control panel: when you are using your Bluetooth headphones there is a possibility that you need to do a number of things. So look for a pair of device that has easy control access to be able to play music, access SIRI and answer calls.

Bottom Line

A wireless Bluetooth earphone is preferred by the music lovers and people in general for their features and hands-free experience. A music lover would be able to enjoy the beats and tunes of his favorite band with clarity supported by noise cancellation technology. The Bluetooth wireless earphone mentioned in this article is more or less consisting of the same features.

If you are a person that uses earphones every day and everywhere then Sony WI-C200 is an ideal choice. Sony WI-C200 battery capacity lasts up to 15 hours on a full charge. The earphones mentioned in the article feature cutting edge technology and designed by supporting the requirements of the current user’s trend.

Also, this article contains all the important information and features to look for when buying a new pair of wireless Bluetooth earphones. Remember the points covered in the article while choosing a prefect pair of earphones for your usage.

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