Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 2000 Rs. in 2022

Who doesn’t love listening to music or watching videos? We all love music; we consider it an important part of our life. And what better way to listen to music on phone than with headphones. Most of us do not go out without headphones. Headphones are man’s best friend, then why should we stay outdated and use wire earphones? in fact, most of the smartphone companies started to eliminate the 3.5mm earphone jack.

The entry of high-quality Bluetooth headphones to the market has evolved music experience. Today one can experience the thrill of listening to songs even in a crowded and noisy place like trains with the help of best Bluetooth headphones. The good news is that most trending and advanced best Bluetooth headphones are available at an affordable price range. This earphone is one of best option with quality ear tips.

If you are looking for the best Bluetooth headphones under 2000 rupees, then this article is for you. No gadget enthusiast loves tangled and irritating wires of earphones. The time-consuming job of untangling the wires of earphones takes away the joy of listening to music or watching videos. The sound signature is another best feature of this earphone.

We live in a digital era where air pods and noise-cancelling best Bluetooth headphones are ruling the market. Everyday smartphone manufacturers are coming up with something new in such a situation, it is time to upgrade your phone and tab accessories from regular earphones to best bluetooth earphones. Best bluetooth earphones under 2000 are very convenient to use, you need to worry about tangled wires or losing it among other electronics. it is one of the best earphones under 2000.

The best part of these bluetooth earphones is that they are very easy to carry and use while on the road. Earphones with wires have a limitation, they provide a fixed length and you need to stay within the limit. Whereas, best bluetooth earphones do not have wires which means they have no limitation. Wireless earphones have plenty of benefits.

The digital market offers different varieties of earphones and it can be confusing to pick one that suits your style and budget. In this article, to reduce the confusion of the individuals looking to buy Bluetooth headphones we have shared ten best options available in the market. The best Bluetooth earphones mentioned in the article are handpicked for their audio quality and other important features.

Buy Best Bluetooth Headphones Under 2000 

Here is a list of ten best wireless headphones under 2000 available in the market in 2021. The earphones mentioned in the list below are less than 2000 rupees.

1. Boat Super bass Rockerz 400 Wireless Earphones


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The first wireless Bluetooth headphone on our list is Boat super bass rockers 400. This earphone is one of the favourite types among the users as it delivers high audio quality. The best Bluetooth headphone can be used for both single and double notes. Its earphones provide HD clarity audio experience with 40mm drivers. It is the one among the best bluetooth headphones under 2000.

Apart from boat-rockers amazing audio quality, the design of this best bluetooth headphones under 2000 is classic. The design of this best wireless earphones pair is quite attractive and unique. The Best Bluetooth headphone is best suited for people who always travel as this device can easily be folded and tucked away in your bag. The earpiece of the earphone is perfectly designed to fit any user’s ear. The earphone is preferred among the consumers for listening to music during workouts and other activities. It is most preferred by bass lover which excellent audio quality.

Coming to pairing quality of boat rockers earphones, you can pair up with almost any Smartphone. The soft layer on the headpiece acts as a cushion and makes using the earphone comfortable for a long duration. The bottom line boat rockers bluetooth earphones is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for a piece that provides rich audio quality. This wireless in ear headphones under 200 with dynamic drivers is an ideal choice. The lightweight design with excellent sound output and noise cancellation makes this best bluetooth headset and one of the best choices of best bluetooth headphones under 2000 in India. The pair can be done to give excellent boult audio. The wireless in ear feature with tangle-free experience makes it the best choice.

Best features of boat super bass rockers 400 wireless Bluetooth headphone

  • The earpiece of boat rockers wireless headphone is resistant to water and sweat
  • Easy to carry while on the road or performing other sporting activities
  • Has a battery life of 10 hours once the pair is done
  • The headphone provides a noise-cancelling feature.
  • Affordable price range within these specifications.


2. Boat Rockers 510 Wireless Bluetooth earphones (Jazzy Blue)


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The next best bluetooth headphones under 2000 in India on our list are again from boat rockers. The 510 wireless Bluetooth earphones in a jazzy blue colour are the latest introduction to the market by boat rockers. Boat rockers as a brand are renowned in the market for making audio devices. Boat rockers’ brand earphones are pretty much known by all gadget users. The build quality, boult audio, music playback, single charge feature hands-free experience, playback time, voice command, voice calls, tangle-free makes it the best bluetooth wireless earphones in the Indian market. The neckband is stylish and it has a pair life of 10 hours.

510 wireless Bluetooth earphones come with the companies’ signature HD sound quality. The model provides extra bass audio performance. The earphones give the listener an experience that was never before imagined. The ear tips of this earphone are good.

510 earphones are compatible with all smartphones from IOS to android. It can be easily paired with various devices like tablets, laptops and other PCs that support wireless Bluetooth connectivity. The inner lining of the earpiece with a soft faux leather pad makes it comfortable to wear by the users. The earpiece gets easily adjustable to the users by providing the right pressure and comfort that headphone consumers seek. It is one of the best earphones under 2000 in India.

The design of the 510 boat rocker is classy and stylish. The look and finish of this headphone make it desirable among consumers of all age groups. The 510 boat rocker Bluetooth wireless headphone in a jazzy blue colour makes it attractive and eye-catching.

Best features of boat rockers wireless Bluetooth headphone

  • The headphone is custom-designed with 50 mm driver
  • The headphone is lightweight making it easy to carry while on the road
  • The headphone delivers unimaginable sound clarity
  • It takes up to 3 hours for charging
  • Available in multiple colours with a control board in one place.


3. iBall Decibel BT01 Smart Headset



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Music is a language that all users understand. If you are a music lover looking for the best wireless headphone that provides comfortable sound quality then iBall decibel is best for you. As the name itself suggest this Bluetooth headphone comes with an advance 5.0 version of Bluetooth

iBall Decibel Bluetooth headphone is all about sound. The performance of the iBall Decibel Bluetooth headphone is unparalleled. They are preferred by multiple users just for the comfort and sound quality of the headphone provides.

The best and most unique feature of iBall Decibel Bluetooth earphones is that it can be enabled with Amazon Alexa. With Alexa, users can instruct to do just about anything from playing music to get information. The iBall Decibel was designed by the manufacturer for users that require long hour usage. iBall Decibel is not only preferred by the headphone users for listening to music, but it can also be used for watching videos, making calls and listening to the radio. All this makes it one of the best earphones under 2000 in India. The ear tips of this earphone are best for playback time.

Best features of iBall Decibel wireless Bluetooth headphone

  • It comes with built-in FM radio and noise cancellation
  • It provides crystal clear sound quality and reception
  • Can play music from multiple playback inputs with the help of Amazon Alexa.
  • It takes about 2- 3 hours for charging and can work up to 6 hours in full volume.


4. Mi Super Bass Wireless Earphones with Super Powerful Bass


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The company Mi is well known for electronics manufacturing in the world. Apart from making wireless earphones, Mi is also known to make amazing smartphones. Mi super bass wireless headphone is as the name suggests gives a deep and impactful audio quality. The Mi super bass wireless headphone comes with an in-build 40mm high dynamic driver.

Mi super bass is made of plastic making it very lightweight. The Mi earphones come with a cushion for its ear caps making it very comfortable for using. One major concern that users have when thinking of buying Mi Super bass is their durability. Mi super bass in spite of being made of plastic is very durable and reliable. It is one of the best earphones under 2000 in India. The earphone can be operated using the remote control and a single charge can go for 8 hours.

The headphone is flexible with amazing bending capabilities. The design of Mi super bass wireless earphones is of premium quality and with delicate features like gold accent surrounding the ear cups of the headphone. The wireless Mi Bluetooth earphone works well with all smartphones. It comes with a 5.0 version of Bluetooth connectivity that works really well with new phones. The noise cancellation build quality, sound signature, hands-free, quality voice calls, voice commands, sound output, lightweight design, music playback, long battery life etc are notable features.

The micro USB cable that comes with Mi super bass ear headphones works well for 20 hours with a full battery charge. The audio quality of Mi offers the best and deep bass that provides an astonishing experience to the listeners.

Best features of Mi super bass wireless Bluetooth earphone

  • It provides 20 hrs of battery life
  • Super powerful deep bass sound quality with hands-free calling
  • The wireless ear headphones come with voice control and a 40 mm dynamic driver.
  • The headphones can be used as a wired or wireless based on the need and requirements of the user.
  • Use of voice assistant


5. Maono AU-D422L Over-Ear Bluetooth Earphone


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The next wireless Bluetooth earphone on our list of best headphones below 2000 rupees is Maono. Maono AU-D422L wireless headphone is yet again a popular choice among techies and music lovers. AU – D422L by Maono comes with some of the best features that the market has to offer. The Bluetooth is primarily made for Hi-Fi stereo sound.

This Bluetooth earphone offers impressive sound quality and gives the users an immersed experience. The Bluetooth features include a built-in mic making it suitable for receiving or making calls.

Maono AU-D422L offers stable signal connection and wide-range transmission. The headphone offers 10 -15m of signal receiving range without any disturbance. The design of the headphone is attractive with an LED flashlight. This earphone can be accessed using the remote control and can go for 8 hours in a single charge.

Just like the previous wireless Bluetooth earphone mentioned in the article Maono AU-D422L can be powered off and connected to a phone through audio cable for extended usage. The Maono AU- D422L is foldable and flexible and is pretty easy to store and carry around.

Best features of Maono AU-D422L wireless Bluetooth earphone

  • It is available in multiple colour options
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Compatible for all mobile phones and tablets
  • Can work for 8 hours with one time charge
  • Perfect durability with a padded and soft headband


6. Procus Urban Bluetooth Headphones 


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The next best wireless headphones under 2000 on our list are made by a company known as Procus. Procus is an Indian based company that is famous for manufacturing electronics. The company apart from headphones is pretty famous for masking affordable virtual reality headset. Procus has hands-on experience in making less expensive and quality audio-related devices in India. It can be used as a neckband.

Procus urban headphone offers a dual connectivity facility. Quick Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible for connecting two devices at the same time. Both devices can be used to listen to music on wireless mode. The Procus Bluetooth earphone provides clear sound quality – up to 10 meters in an open space. The neckband is super comfortable.

The best part of Procus urban Bluetooth wireless headphones is that they do not contain any bass or treble. Using Procus Urban headphones is safe for ears but the only drawback is that this headphone cannot be used for a long duration.

The company understanding the habit of a headphone user to take it everywhere they go has provided an extra set of washable ear pads. With an extra set of ear pads that are washable Procus Urban wireless best Bluetooth earphones, users can keep the device spotless and sharp at all times.

This piece of headphones comes with a built-in microphone. This feature of the headphone makes it easy to answer calls or receive calls when listening experience to music playback. Nothing is more annoying than having to answer calls when enjoying music. But with Procus Urban wireless Bluetooth headphones has made answering calls convenient with a microphone.

Best features of Procus Urban wireless best Bluetooth headphone

  • Premium design with rubber-coated headphones
  • Available in the market in multiple colours
  • The device is popular among music lovers for its user-friendly control system
  • It can be used for up to 8 hours with a one-time charge
  • Provide fine audio sound quality with unparalleled clarity when listening to music, answering calls or enjoying favourite TV shows


7. BOAt Mumbai Indians Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


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The next wireless Bluetooth headphones in our list is again manufactured by Boat with specifications that match Indian customers. Boat Rockers 400 Bluetooth wireless Mumbai edition is pretty popular. The best part of this wireless headphone is that it comes with a printed logo M specifying the limited and exclusive edition to Mumbai. The neckband and easy to use and hassle free, hence this earphones have made into the list of best bluetooth headphones under 2000.

Boat Mumbai Indians Edition Rockers 400 best Bluetooth earphones is build to perfection. They come with a premium sound quality with 40 mm dynamic drivers. The design and features of Boat Mumbai edition rockers 400 is such that it takes users into experiencing the sound at the next level. The headphones are built for the convenience of the user.

The Bluetooth connectivity of Boat rockers 400 bluetooth headphones are compatible with various devices. It can be used with iPod, iPad, tablets, laptops and other PCs with Bluetooth connectivity. An IPL fan is for sure to be impressed with this model of the headphone. You can get your favorite IPL team logo printed on the headphones.

The headphone again comes with a built-in microphone making answering of calls easy. The control panel of the headphone is easily accessible. Overall, Boat Mumbai Indians Edition Rockers 400 best Bluetooth earphones provides HD sound quality, passive noise cancellation with an astonishing listening experience to the users.

Best features of Boat Mumbai Indians Edition Rockers 400 Bluetooth Earphones

  • Can change tracks and control sound
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Passive noise isolation
  • The battery life lasts up to 8 hours on full charge
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Voice assistant compatible


8. Boat Kings XI Punjab Edition Rockers 400 Bluetooth Wireless Headphone


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All the kings XI Punjab fans out there this wireless headphone is just for now. Boat Rockers is well known for making and selling wireless Bluetooth headphones. The brand has taken a step forward and introduced limited editions in India representing different IPL teams.

Just like the previous headphone mentioned in the article Boat Kings XI Punjab Edition Rockers 400 Bluetooth Wireless comes with awe factor. The IPL team logo printed on the headphone making fans extra happy.

Now coming to the Bluetooth wireless headphone features just like all other boat-rockers even this headphone comes with premium features. The headphone features include High definition deep bass sound control. This feature of the headphone provides users with ultimate audio output experience coupled with a 40mm dynamic drivers.

The features of Boat Kings XI Punjab Edition Rockers 400 Bluetooth Wireless are such that users cannot find a reason to leave home without it. The limited-edition comes with an attractive blend of Kings XI Punjab blend. The headphones are comfortable to use, stylish in finish and for all kings XI Punjab lovers. The neckband offers extra comfort.

Best features of Boat Kings XI Punjab Edition Rockers 400 Bluetooth Wireless

  1. Compatible with a large range of devices and optimum Bluetooth connectivity
  2. The Aux cable of the headphone makes life easy , the neckband is added benefit.
  3.   The easily accessible integrated control system
  4. Can last up to 8 hours of playtime with a full charge
  5. Has a wide range of Bluetooth connectivity 10 mm


9. Boat 900 Wireless V2 On-Ear Headphones


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When it comes to manufacturing budget wireless Bluetooth headphone Boat is the company. The next wireless Bluetooth headphone in our list is Boat 900 Wireless V2 On-Ear. Boat Rockers is killing the market with the introduction of Boat 900.

The headphone is spectacular in design, finish and look. The company believes in making quality products like boat 900. The sound quality of Boat 900 is better than its previous versions. Phones and Bluetooth headphones play an integral role in creating an environment that makes listening experience to music astonishing.

With strong and latest Bluetooth connectivity of Boat 900 makes it compatible with various devices. A 40 mm dynamic driver is all set to provide the user with a mind-blowing experience that takes away their stress. The headphone comes with a lithium battery that is reliable and long-lasting.

From work to play Boat 900 wireless Bluetooth headphones are perfect for all occasions. Easily accessible control makes it perfect to carry to a gym or when doing other sporting activities. The super sound-sensitive microphone makes users answering calls conveniently. The neckband offers support and can be used for incredible playback time.

The design of Boat 900 is attractive and 168 grams of the headphone makes it lightweight and easy to carry while on the road.

Best features of Boat 900 Wireless V2 On-Ear Headphones

  • Super extra bass HD sound clarity with excellent playback time
  • Fit to hear with adjustable and foldable ear cups
  • 300Mah battery life for convenience
  • Less charging time with a standby of 240 hours.
  • Users can experience nirvana with Boat 900 wireless Bluetooth headphones


10. PTron Soundster Bluetooth Headphones



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The last wireless Bluetooth headphone on our list is the PTron soundster. PTron Soundster Bluetooth headphone is built with cutting edge technology. The headphone offers users a long-lasting stereo sound effect.

PTron soundster Bluetooth headphone ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the features. The headphone offers all the necessities that a user looks for such as a microphone, overhead design, compatibility, and noise cancellation. The playback time is good.

Again PTron Bluetooth headphone comes with 1000mAh battery life that lasts up to 20 hours of music time. This means you need not worry about carrying a charger for the headphones when you step out of your house.

The cushioning comfort of the PTron soundster Bluetooth headphones makes it easy to listen to music for a long-duration comfortably. The users can get deep bass and accurate beats with PTron soundster Bluetooth headphones. The latest Bluetooth connectivity technology of v5.0 assures a strong and extending connection with devices. The users can get a strong Bluetooth connection up to 10- meters in radius.

The best and most significant feature of PTron Bluetooth wireless headphones is that they provide multiple play modes. A user can go from wireless to wired connectivity in a matter of time.

Best features of PTron Soundster Bluetooth Headphones

  1. Portable in design and flexible
  2. It can be folded and carried conveniently
  3. Fit for all purposes sporting, music, answering calls, etc
  4. Aux cable for lasting wired connection
  5. The cutting edge technology of PTron Bluetooth headphone makes pairing with any device easy


Things to Consider while Buying Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

When buying wireless Bluetooth headphones consider the factors mentioned in the next paragraph of the article.

  • Quality of sound

The most important factor to consider while buying Bluetooth headphones is the quality of sound. Bluetooth headphones with aptX technology provide the best audio quality as the sound is compressed in a different method.

  • Convenience of usage

Frankly speaking a majority of headphone users wear it for long duration. So it is important to look for a model that is comfortable to use and wear. Also Bluetooth headphones are available in different styles. Go for a model that looks good and has sleek finish. Invest in an option which supports playback time.

  • Supporting your phone or device

The next significant factor that you need to consider while investing in a Bluetooth headphone is whether or not they support your device. To use a Bluetooth headphone you need to pair it with your device. So look for ones that pairs with your phone or tab and is easy to control. The playback time is added benefit.

  • Battery life

One thing you need to know before buying Bluetooth headphones is that they have limited battery life. So it is necessary to consider the battery life and charging time of a Bluetooth headphone before investing in one. If you have a habit of using headphones for long duration then do some research and look for a device that has extended battery life.

One thing as a buyer we must all remember is to read the features of the Bluetooth before buying it. Consider the features and other unique characteristics of a wireless Bluetooth headphone and then decide whether they match your requirements. Do not invest in a product if you are not happy with the features. The sound quality of a wireless Bluetooth headphone is a must along with the remaining features of headphones that must prove to be beneficial. Buying a wireless headphone that does not match your requirement is a waste of time and money. Investing in electronics is a major decision, one that cannot be taken lightly. Be an informed purchaser rather than a trend follower.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned list will definitely help you find your best wireless headphone companion. All the brands and models mentioned in this article offer some of the best features and premium sound quality. The wireless Bluetooth headphones mentioned in this article are less expensive and are available at a price range of less than 2000 rupees.

Check the list and pick Bluetooth wireless headphones to experience the power of sound. Wireless headphones are compatible with almost all smartphones and other devices with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth headphones can also be used to enjoy your favorite shows on Netflix and Amazon while travelling.

The headphones mentioned in this article can be ordered online or bought from a mobile store that sells accessories. However when picking a wireless headphone from the list or generally remember to check for basic features and also do not forget to read customer reviews.

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