Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Bluetooth enabled speakers in the recent times have been popular and have gained a lot of attention. Sometimes it is a matter of prestige among the youngsters that they have the best one. There are so many brands available and they have their own set of features that keeps them apart. Sometimes it is the brands’ goodwill sometimes it is the multiple features. Let us now see what these devices actually are.

Gone are the days when you needed to connect the wired speakers to the amplifier and then play your favourite song on a cassette or a DVD or a CD. This is the age of wireless. With speakers it all started with a simple concept of   connecting the speaker to the audio source making it portable and easy to handle. The smart phones were the source of the audio usually. To add further on, rechargeable batteries were included which made it portable. Latest version of Bluetooth made the connectivity faster and increased the range of the device. Now they are popular with various size, shapes, colour and now they have also entered into the entry segment of the home theatre system also.

We have various brands with various features. Some have just the audio output, some have the calling capability, some with equalizer lights making it more attractive. We also have few speakers that have the combination of all of them. This is a hard and debatable comparison of the Bluetooth speakers that we have done and to make sure you know what are you actually picking when you are buying one of them. And maybe one might not be enough for your need.

Let’s enter into the world of Bluetooth speakers now.

Best Buy Bluetooth Speakers Online In India

1. JBL Go Bluetooth speaker with mic


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As I mentioned earlier JBL is a brand that you can rely on. I will tell you the reason for it. But let us talk about it features. JBL Go is a portable Bluetooth speaker that is quite small in size but has a good audio output. The sound output by JBL is very good. It is crystal clear and has been included with noise and echo cancellation features. It also has an inbuilt mic that helps you attend your call when your phone is connected to it. This mic also has a noise cancellation feature which makes the person on the other side of the call listen to you noise free.

This device has the in-built rechargeable batteries that has long life. Once charged completely it can run up to 5 hours non-stop. The device has a power on/off button on the top of it. It is followed by a button with the Bluetooth logo which puts the speaker into discoverable mode so that other Bluetooth can find it on their Bluetooth devices. There is a ‘+’ and ‘-’ button that works as both volume controller and also the track changer. The last button is the call button which you can use to accept and disconnect the call.

Now the connectivity is obliviously by Bluetooth. A mere Bluetooth pairing which is quick would do the job. Did you ever wonder it would have been nice if there is an alternate method to connect just in case if the source of the audio did not have Bluetooth to connect. Well they have heard it. There is also AUX input available for devices where there is no Bluetooth available. It could be an ipod or an mp3 player.

Due to its compact size it is easy to carry around in your bag. It comes in various attractive colours to choose from. It has good loud output and defies the size to output ratio. You can also connect it to Google or Siri through your phone to ask them to do tasks for you.

  • Compact and loud
  • Connects through Bluetooth and also from AUX cable
  • Rechargeable batteries run 5 hours long
  • Noise Cancellation speakers and mic

2. JBL Flip 3 Stealth Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker


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JBL has variety of Bluetooth speakers and the one we are talking about now is the Flip 3 Stealth which is also waterproof. This serves as a good travel speaker which is waterproof and it is indeed portable. The speaker has JBL signature sound which is been pioneered by Harman Kardon and JBL itself. This also has external passive radiators that allows the bass sound to be clearer. The sound streaming is done through Bluetooth connectivity with the smart phone or a tablet. The audio output is 8 watts and that covers a medium sized room with loud music without any difficulty. The look of the speaker is also elegant. It is a cylinder shaped and black in colour. The sides of the visible speaker area have play, volume up/down and Bluetooth logo buttons on. This however does not have a mic hence unable to receive and reject calls.

The speaker is also waterproof with IPX7 rating. That is it can withstand heavy splash, rain and also under water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. That’s a good feature for the price it is available for. You can take it out in the swimming pools, seaside and rivers when you go for trekking. To add on the speaker comes with 3000mah rechargeable batteries that when charged completely can play up to 10 hours of time. The batteries are made of Lithium Ion which has a long life. This is so good when you are travelling or have very less access to charging points. The finishing of the speaker is also very catchy. Its black, with durable fabric covering the speaker. The charging point is on the behind and it is concealed with a rubber cover. It hides the USB charging point very well making it unable to spot with a quick glance. The speaker also comes with the USB cable and an adapter that can be used to charge it.

  • Waterproof and also under water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
  • Deep Bass with a bass radiator
  • 10 hours playtime
  • Sturdy and durable fabric
  • 1 Year manufacture warranty

3. Portronics POR-871 SoundDrum 4.2 Stereo

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Do not go by the size of it. This small speaker known as the Sound drum 4.3 has beast of features in it. This is the Bluetooth speaker from Portronics with model number POR-871. This literally looks like a small drum and has 2 number of 5 watt speakers within it. The output of the audio is 10 watts. The built of the speakers is also sturdy. The body of the speaker has a power on/off button, play button and a play button. The speaker also has an inbuilt mic which enables you to receive calls when your phone is connected to the speaker to the phone. The speaker also has a built in FM radio so that you can listen to your favourite station when you run of out of songs on your phone or if you do not have a Bluetooth enabled source to play songs.

As it is a portable speaker it is also has an inbuilt battery that is of 1800 mAh capacity and can run for almost 7 hours once fully charged. It takes around 1-2 hours to fully charge. It is also water resistant. Even if it is exposed to light rain or splash of water near the swimming pool it would withstand the effects of it. This makes it more suitable when you go on a trekking or out in the jungle for a hike. When I said beast of features that means there is more to come. Although it is known as the Bluetooth speaker it also has the options connecting through the aux cable. You can also connect a pen drive and listen to songs from. This really is a handy one with so many features. It comes in 3 colours Black, Blue and Grey to choose from.

  • 10 watts output
  • 3 colours to choose from
  • FM radio inbuilt
  • Aux, pen drive and Bluetooth connectivity

4. Photron P10 Wireless 3W Bluetooth Speaker


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The Bluetooth speaker I am going to tell you about is known for its classy look. Photron P10 is mini speaker which has a metal aluminium finish which makes it look classy. The colour it is available is Deep Cobalt. It gives an alloy look. As the name suggests it is a 3W speaker with good bass output. This streams music/audio from Bluetooth enabled like your smart phone or a tablet. The Bluetooth has a range of around 10 meters and operates well within that distance. The speaker also has a mic built in which can allow you to receive calls when your phone is connected to it. The connectivity has been enhanced further by the ability to connect via an AUX cable. This is good when your source device does not have Bluetooth enabled on it. More to come, it also has a SD card slot, when the card inserted automatically starts the music.

The speaker has echo and noise cancellation feature which makes sure the audio streaming is crystal clear and also the same with the calls you attend. It has basic control buttons mounted just on the underneath of the speakers. This small monster has built-in rechargeable batteries that is of 400 mAh capacity and plays songs up to 3 hours of time, 4.5 hours of talk time all with single complete charge.  It is built with lithium ion batteries. The standby time is around 165 hours. To charge these batteries it is paired with the USB cable. This speaker also comes with the 6 months manufacture warranty.

  • Classy look with alloy finishing
  • 10 meters range
  • 400 mAh battery with 3 hrs of play time

5. Philips BT50B Portable Bluetooth Speaker


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Philips portable speaker is a gem in its class. It has a very attractive design that suits the modern style statement. The speaker also comes in various colour combinations that make it a craving to own one. It as a circular design and its variations in the shape gives it a very stylish look. It is not just the looks that are good but you also have the speaker to be of updated Bluetooth version and also a good amplifier built within. This adds to the quality of the sound output. It is crystal clear and detailed. It has anti clipping feature which avoids the quality of sound dropping when the battery is low.

The battery is a lithium polymer battery provides 6 hours of play time once charged completely. To charge this a USD PC charging cable is provided. This cable is of also high quality and provides long life to the battery. The Bluetooth V 4.0 in the speaker is also of high quality and the signal is also strong and constant allowing slow discharge of the battery. You can also connect the speaker using an AUX cable which supports the non-Bluetooth enables devices.

This speaker is easy to carry around when you want to travel and easily fits in your bag. The operating of the speakers is also very simple. The buttons are easily accessible in the front of the speakers. On the back of the speakers there is an AUX cable to connect to other devices. The USB port is also available on the back of the speaker for the charging purpose. The speaker also comes with 1 year warranty.

  • Stylish speakers with a very good design and good combination of colour
  • 5-6 hours of playtime
  • Anti-clipping feature available
  • 10 mt or 30 feet range

6. Boat Stone 600 Wireless Speakers


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Boat – plug into nirvana. As their tag line the Stone 600 is made to plug into Nirvana. The speakers have high quality of sound output. They describe it to have a concert like output with extreme details of sound coming out. The quality is accompanied with a powerful bass. It has passive radiator that cannot be seen due to its built. The stereo sound output also adds up to its awesome performance. It is designed to provide 360 degree high definition sound. On the sound side it has an in-built mic that allows you to take calls when your phone is connected to the speaker. On one side of the speaker there is a on/off sliding button accompanied by charging port and an AUX port. Aux port enables to connect to non-Bluetooth devices with ease. The Bluetooth is also 4.0 version which is the latest one.

The catchy features are yet to come. Why do you think they have named it “Stone”. This speaker is shock proof. That is it is sturdy with its build have can withstand impact. Like a stone it is unaffected by the harsh environment. It is also water proof that it can withstand water splash and rain. It is also designed to cover the area with the aux and USB port to make sure it is water proof. The water proof is rated IPX6 that is it works even at the depth of 3 meters. It is also dust proof making it usable in harsh environments during hiking, trekking, near swimming pools, waterfall and many such places. The battery is of 1500 mAh capacity providing 8 hours of runtime with a complete charge.

  • 8 hours battery backup
  • Water-proof, dust proof and shock proof
  • High precision sound

7. TAGG Sonic Angle 1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


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TAGG – keeps you ahead. Sonic Angle 1 is the Bluetooth speaker by TAGG that has a unique design. This has a triangular shape that runs through like a cylinder. One end of this cylinder is having the basic buttons. Switch on/off button, Bluetooth button and volume control. The other end of the cylinder is in big font highlighted words “TAGG” that looks cool. The cylinder is a meshed metal covering which is sturdy. Inside this meshed covering are two 5 watts speakers that give out a powerful sound output. This is also accompanied with powerful bass that adds up to the quality of the output.

The batteries provided in this are 2200 mAh capacity and has a playtime of more than 8 hours, which is roughly equivalent to around 100 songs of play. The sturdy body is also accompanied with the water proof of IPX5 rating that is it can withstand rain splash and also around 3 meters depth of water. It is water proof. It has a built-in microphone that will allow you to take calls even on the go. The Bluetooth housed in this speaker is of high quality and has a range of about 35 feet of distance. It can also be connected to various devices with aux cable and give out very good quality of sound output even in such case.

What is the most powerful selling point of these speakers is you can actually tag along 2 speakers together to increase the output of these speakers. Hence the manufacturer also has a special offer if you buy 2 speakers set together. This is a unique feature that is not found in most of the speakers. This works like a mini home theatre system when you connect it to a smart television. You can also command SIRI or Google Assistant via these speakers. For a worry less experience the manufacturer also provides with a 12 months warranty.

  • Tag 2 speakers to increase the output.
  • Unique design
  • 8 hours of play time
  • 1 year warranty

8. Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Speakers


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Artis BT90 is the outdoor Bluetooth speaker that has been provided with a strap which can be used to carry around like a bag. This is a wrist band type strap. The built is sturdy. The design is good. It is cubical in shape and one side it has a mesh design which also has the volume control button on it. Can bet to see if you can really find it there. The colour available is black and black is elegant.  There are multiple input options on the other side of the speaker. It has a on/off switch accompanied with it. It has a micro SD card slot, a USB slot, DC5V charging port, AUX input and other 4 buttons there.

The sound output is known as the Dynamic sound effect and it has crystal clear sound playback. The output is about 3 watts and that serves very well even in the outdoors. The Bluetooth range is also very good and can meet up to 10 meters of distance. This is housed with lithium ion batteries that power the speakers for 5 hours a single run with complete charge. The weight of the speaker is also very less making it easy to carry with wrist strap added to it.

This speaker is ideally designed and targeted for the outdoor usage. It can be used during family picnics, outdoor sports time, events, festival time, house parties and can also be carried along for a causal evening walk also. This also has built-in FM radio which enables you to tune to your favourite frequency to listen to your favourite shows. With all these features on, it also has a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Multiple Input options
  • Built in FM radio
  • Dynamic sound effect
  • Strap provide for easy carry around

9. Boat Stone 1400 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


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A monster of Bluetooth speakers is the Boat Stone 1400. This big monster beats most of the speakers in many areas. Stone 1400 is housed with a powerful 30 watts of speaker. Just wondering how loud can it get? This Dynamic 30W speaker provides HD immersive sound output due to its premium 70mm driver installed in it. Do not worry that you will drain out of battery soon. That is because it is powered by the 2500 mAh Lithium ion battery that can keep the party going up to 7 hours in a single charge. And to charge it back they have provided a type C port that will charge the battery faster as ever. You can connect to a smart phone with the latest Bluetooth version 4.2. You can also connect a pen drive or plug in the aux to play songs.

Its house party and you have your speaker on, and someone spills the drink on the speaker. No need to worry its water resistant too! Just wipe it and continue with the party. The built is awesomely sturdy. You can just feel it just by looking at it. The sound is also accompanied with 2 equalizer modes. This enhances the listening mode by click of a button. They are the indoor and the outdoor mode.

The buttons provided are 1 multi-functional button and volume control. These buttons are designed to be easily accessible and operable. The speaker is fixed with an adjustable flat strap that helps you carry along during your outdoor adventure. Just imagine if you can double all these. Oh you heard it right. You can pair two of these speakers to double all the fun.

  • 30W speakers
  • 7 hours of play time
  • Water resistant
  • 2 Equalizer mode

10. MI Compact Bluetooth Speaker


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MI has come up with lot of products in India and MI Bluetooth is one of the rarest of them all. MI Compact is the Bluetooth speaker that is manufactured by MI. By its name, it is a compact speaker that is built in some powerful features in it. It has a high quality and powerful sound that fills the room with it. It is a very light weighed speaker and very easy to carry due to its size and weight. It can fit into your pocket without any hassle. You would not even know it is there. The sound output is as natural as it can get. The super strong neodymium magnets makes this possible – a super crystal clear sound.

When you look at it you would be impressed immediately. It is white in colour and a meshed design on top makes it even more attractive. They have housed it with the latest Bluetooth version 4.2 to make the connectivity faster and efficient. You can connect it with a smart phone, smart TV, tablet and any other Bluetooth enabled device. It avoids any signal interference. The lithium ion battery powers the speaker and runs it for 6 hours to give you a non-stop music entertainment. This speaker also has a built-in microphone to make sure you never miss your call. It has also been provided with a hand strap to make sure you can carry it without having the fear of dropping it. It comes with a 6 month manufacturer warranty.

  • 6 hours of play time
  • Compact and Light weighed
  • Bluetooth V4.2
  • Built-in microphone

Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide – Important Features To Consider

Now that we have seen some of the best Bluetooth speakers across various brands, I am sure you still have some dilemma over which one to buy. We will try and put in some criteria which you might want to look into based on your requirement. This requirement might be different for different kinds of users. Let us try and look into these various requirements before you go ahead buy them blindly. The priority of the reasons put down below can vary for each user.

The Purpose

The purpose is one important fact that you need to arrive at. This plays an important part of the buying decision. What do you need the speaker for? Just to listen to your favourite songs at your home or you want to carry it outdoors. Sometimes you might want to get a speaker to be used both indoors and outdoors. Boat Stone 1400 is one such speaker which can be used both indoors and outdoors. MI compact can be used mostly indoors as it is white in colour and also small and has not a great output outdoors.

If you are looking for outdoor and you frequently go to places with water being involved then you need to look for speakers which are waterproof and also shock proof. This can save your investment on the speaker. If you have bought a less sturdy one and happen to take it outdoors and you drop if accidentally then this can be a loss. Hence do figure what kind of usage you are putting the speaker through.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity for a Bluetooth speaker is of course Bluetooth. But, did you ever wonder how cool it would be to show off your speaker when you have more than one connectivity options. You can always choose the speaker that has aux port available. This is the most common way you can connect devices like an mp3 player, an ipod or a small music system. Other options could be SD card slot, pen drive slot and TF card reader.

Another way to increase output of the speakers is when you are able to pair 2 speakers together. This is one of the rare features available in a couple of speakers. One of them is the TAGG Bluetooth speakers and the other one is the Boat Stone 1400 from the list of speakers above.


Durability is important in any product. Speakers are expected to have high durability and should have a long life. They should also be good to be used in a harsh environment. Features like water proof, dust proof and shock proof can always steal the show. If you are a frequent traveller and love to hike or trek then this feature can really be useful. You can take your speaker in the rain and need not be worried of it getting damaged. There are quite a few speakers that are waterproof and some also under the water. JBL Flip 3, Boat Stone 400, 1400, TAGG are some of the speaker with water proof feature that are available.


For people who travel speakers that give a longer play time is an important feature especially when they have very limited access to charging points. Lithium Ion batteries are the common ones used. Most of the speakers give more than 5 hours of play time on them. JBL Flip 3 gives around 10 hours of play time with full battery charged. Following it is TAGG speaker, and then the Philips speaker on the list above.


Sound output quality and loudness is one of the most important features. If you have a speaker with most of the good features but the sound quality is only average the main reason to own the speaker devise its basic concept. JBL is highly regarded to have the best sound output coupled with Harmon Kardon name with it. Followed by it is Philips speakers that have high quality of sound output. Then comes speaker from Boat that have good crystal clear sound. These speakers provide the high quality detailed output making sure you also do not hurt your ears..

Bluetooth Operational Range

You own the Bluetooth Speaker, but the rage is not to what your expectation is. Then you have chosen the wrong one. Bluetooth now is with the latest V4.2 which provides consistent connectivity and also to a range of 35 feet distance. Most of the speakers do provide the similar range but having a V4.2 Bluetooth makes a lot of difference. It also helps to converse the battery charge on the latest version.


Budget or pricing is an important factor. The smaller speaker you take the lesser it would cost. The purpose of your usage also makes a lot of difference. You just want to use it within indoors maybe within small room then going ahead with Mi compact or Photron P10 makes a lot of sense. If you want to go for best speaker with lot of features then going ahead with Artis would be a very good choice. However if pricing is not an impacting criteria then going ahead with the one with JBL or Boat ones is a good choice.

To Conclude

We have discussed about 10 Bluetooth speakers above. These were picked up based on the best features available and also keeping in mind the price range. All of them are some of the best brands available in the market. However, these are not the only ones that are available in the market. Each brand has a variety of speakers available and they have not been discussed here. The features may vary with them but some of the basic features still remain the same. JBL always got its signature sound available in all of its speakers.

Above has been an honest effort to guide you of few of the best speakers available in the market. The buying guide also provides the most common features that can help in decision making process. There would be other features that are available based on which you can make a decision. As mentioned above make sure you arrive at the motive to buy these kinds of speaker. Then you can go ahead and explore more of the other features to arrive at the right one for you. Hope this guide has helped you in the way it should. Happy hunting your Speaker!

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