10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Rs. In 2020

How many of you hate the wires dangling all over the place? Seeing wires all-around your home is annoying and adds to the clutter of your home. This has lead us to adopt electronically that is wireless. Wireless technology is ruling the world and one such electronic gadget is Bluetooth speakers, they are portable and easy to carry everywhere.

Speakers have always been an integral part of a person’s life and home. Whether it is listening to music or audio book speakers enhance the experience. With Bluetooth speakers, one no needs to worry about outlets and wires dangling all over the place. All you need is to pair the speaker with a device that supports Bluetooth and use it anywhere.

Speakers are very important if you want to daze up the party. And owning a pair of Bluetooth speakers is provided with the required tool to daze up parties anywhere. The common concern among people willing to buy a Bluetooth speaker is the cost.  We are under the assumption that Bluetooth speakers are expensive and cannot be afforded by all. But this is not true; today Bluetooth speakers are available in the market at a budget price of fewer than 2000 rupees.

In this article, we will be sharing the information on the best 10 Bluetooth speakers less than 2000 rupees. The speakers mentioned in the article are of premium quality with the best features. Buying a Bluetooth speaker can get confusing but knowing what features to look for makes investing in a Bluetooth speaker easily.

Best Buy Bluetooth Speakers Below 2000 INR

Read through the article, to know what features to consider when buying a Bluetooth speaker.  The benefits associated with Bluetooth speakers make it a worthwhile investment.  Look at the below mentioned Bluetooth speakers for less than 2000 rupees in India and invest in one that suits your needs and requirements.

1. JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

JBL GO Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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JBL is a well – known company in the technology field. The company has gained the trust of customers by producing audio devices that are best in terms of quality and audio sound. JBL audio sounds are pioneer in the field, it offers the best and budget-friendly gadgets.

JBL Go wireless Bluetooth speaker is crafted to perfection and it offers some of the best features sought out by the customers. JBL Go is a premium audio electronic that includes features like noise cancellation speakerphone, long press button, and aux cable.

The JBL Bluetooth wireless speaker is in the shape of a box with its logo and it is available in blue, red, orange, and black. The JBL Go is designed for comfort and stylish, the speaker can be used anywhere around the home. The frequency response of the JBL Go Bluetooth wireless speaker is 180Hz – 20 kHz.

JBL Go wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with the signature sound of the JBL Company. The speaker includes 5 hours of playtime under optimum sound setting with one time full recharge. JBL Go has a powerful sound quality that can be experienced anywhere. The size of the JBL Go Bluetooth wireless speakers makes it easy to carry while on the go.

Additionally, the JBL Go wireless Bluetooth speaker comes with an AUX cable that is attached to phones and other devices. This feature is included for customers who still haven’t upgraded.


  1. Minimalist design with matte – rubber finish
  2. The 40 mm audio drives provide a loud and clear sound experience
  3. The speaker has the ability to differentiate sound types and blast them separately.
  4. The speaker provides 10 feet of battery life.

2. Portronics POR-871 Sound Drum 4.2 Stereo Speaker

Portronics POR-871 Sound Drum 4.2 Stereo Speaker

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For a compact stereo experience, Portronics Pro -871 sound drum is your best choice. This speaker provides an uninterrupted and premium sound experience. The Portronics brand of audio speakers is best known in the market for providing high-performance gadgets, POR- 871 Sound Drum stereo speaker has stood up the expectation of the customers from Portronics.

The users, offer wireless connectivity that can be paired with all devices that supports Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker can be used to access the sound for a range of 10 feet without any interruption. The speaker comes with the latest Bluetooth technology in 4.2 versions, which delivers out-standing audio performance.

Coming to the sound quality of POR – 871 Sound drum it includes powerful 10W built-in speakers with great amplifier. The speaker also includes a built-in FM feature that enables customers to listen to the FM radio on the go with the help of an in-built antenna.

The next best feature of a PRO -871 is that the speaker is protected against water splash and light rain due to its water-resistant quality. Bluetooth speakers can also be connected pen drive and aux cable. It is made of powerful 1800mAh Li-ion battery that charges fast and lasts longer.


  1. Easy pairing and compatible with many devices.
  2. A reliable option in terms of quality and performance.
  3. The speaker includes the best features like in-build FM radio, fast charge, and aux cable option.

3. Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker

Mivi Roam Ultra-Portable Wireless Speaker

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The next Bluetooth speaker on our list is from Mivi Roam ultra speakers. As mentioned in the title this speaker is designed to be portable and can be carried around easily without much difficulty. Mivi-Roam ultra-portable speakers are an ideal choice for people looking to invest in a device that is best in terms of quality, features, and performance. In other terms, Mivi – Roam Ultra-portable speaker is a safe option for customers looking to buy wireless Bluetooth speakers.

The design of Mivi Roam is the highlight of the speaker. It can be used to reap the benefits of a wireless Bluetooth speaker without having to worry about any difficulties. The speaker includes a tag for easy carrying and also, the button to navigate is conveniently located on the side.

The speaker may look small but its performances leave customers astonishing at 1,100. The 5W output of the speaker provides rich and deep musical experience. The speaker includes a feature that allows for easy switching between calls and music. The speaker is contemporarily designed to fit into your pocket. The best part is that the customers can pair two wireless speakers for a complete surround sound experience.

The other features of the Mivi Roam include dust and waterproof, aux cable, and 4.2 Bluetooth technology.


  1. Soft grip band for hooking and hanging the speaker and enjoy its performance
  2. The speaker includes wireless connectivity of 10 feet
  3. The water and dust resistance of the speaker allows it to be used anywhere and under all weather conditions
  4. The size and weight of the speaker is compact enough to carry it in a pocket

4. Boat Stone 650 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Boat Stone 650 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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The boat is a popular brand in the world that has been manufacturing premium quality audio devices. The company is known for making sturdy and durable devices. The boat is one of the top companies that provide wireless Bluetooth speakers with advance quality at an affordable price.

The range and quality of the Boat wireless Bluetooth speakers are hard to match up to at 2000 Rs. People investing in Boat 650 wireless Bluetooth speakers will not be disappointed with its performance or sound clarity. The Boat stone 650 wireless Bluetooth speakers are loud and can easily adapt to any environment.

The boat 650 wireless speaker comes with a premium drive for sound clarity that can reach all corners of a home. The design of the Boat stone 650 is both sleek and stylish. The dynamic HD sound of the speakers soaks the tension and alleviates the stress with the 2-inch x 2-inch driver.

The other features of the Boat stone 650 are integrated easy access panel, aux compatibility, 7 hours of audio Nirvana, 1800mAh battery backup.


  1. Easily compatible and paired with Bluetooth devices without much difficulty
  2. Quick charging and long battery life
  3. Waterproof resistance allowing it to use while partying outdoors
  4. Powerful sound clarity that can reach all corners of a room

5. Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 Dual EQ Deep Bass IPX7 wireless speaker

Infinity (JBL) Fuze 100 Dual EQ Deep Bass IPX7 wireless speaker

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If you are looking for a true hands- free experience from a premium quality brand then Infinity Fuze100 from JBL is the best choice. The soft grip band of the infinity Fuze 100 makes it easy to carry around or hand it anywhere. The speaker can be connected with any device that supports Bluetooth. And the in-built microphone makes it easy for hands-free calling that allows for easy conversation flow simply and hassle free.

The next best feature of the Infinity Fuze 100 by JBL is voice assistant compatibility. The speaker supports quick access to voice assistants like Google and Siri by simply pushing the power button twice. The speaker allows the users to experience hands- free calling on a whole new level.

IPX7 waterproof feature of the speaker makes it convenient to use it indoor and outdoor. Dropping in the pool or spills on the speaker is not affected. Further, the durable fabric that covers the speakers provides added security to it against dust, water, and other materials.

The speaker allows its customers to experience the full benefits of a wireless and Bluetooth device without having to be tied down by its wires or cables. The dual EQ feature of the device makes the users experience impactful music experience whether hosting a party or enjoying music by yourself. The speaker provides deep bass sound quality that ensures you enjoy every note of the beat without missing out on anything.


  1. Wireless Bluetooth streaming with Lithium-Ion battery for fast charging
  2. Lightweight and easy to carry around while traveling
  3. Deep bass sound clarity that enters every corner of a home
  4. Dual connectivity feature to experience the 2X sound performance of the speaker.

6. Zoook Rocker Mean Machine Bluetooth Party Speaker

Zoook Rocker Mean Machine Bluetooth Party Speaker

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Zoook rocker mean machine Bluetooth wireless speaker is a perfect choice for tech nerds. This speaker offers five in-build best options. The mean machine of Zoook Rockers includes in-build Aux cable connectivity, SD card insertion slot, USB port, BT and FM radio.

This speaker is an outstanding addition to the rocker’s family. The speakers take the Bluetooth and hands-free experience to a whole new level. The Zoook Rockers mean machine is a next-generation Bluetooth wireless speaker paired with the best features and advanced technology.

The speaker has an A2DP stereo Bluetooth playback that streams music from any Bluetooth supported devices such as mobile phones, notebook, or other audio.  The Zoook rocker provides the highest range connectivity of 32 feet, resulting in maximum mobility. In case Bluetooth is not an option for you then, the 3.5 mm AUX cable makes it easy to directly plug into the speaker and enjoy uninterrupted music.

The built-in 3 inches 10 Watt sub woofer distributes incredible sound quality packed with deep bass and clarity. The size and weight of the speaker coupled with range frequency make it an ideal choice to carry while on road, for campsites, sports events or for just about any outdoor experience. The access panel is very conveniently placed on the side of the speaker with clear cables. The lithium-Ion battery of the speaker is perfect for longer play time and easy charging.


  1. 5 in 1 in-build feature
  2. Made with advanced industry technology that provides a rich sound experience
  3. Easy access to the control panel
  4. The stereo design is masculine, sophisticated and stylish

7. Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Artis BT90 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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The next Bluetooth wireless speaker on our list is from Artis. This Bluetooth speaker is available in India at a very reasonable price. The design of the Artis BT90 wireless Bluetooth speaker resembles a rectangular box shape. The speaker was designed keeping in mind the needs of outdoor experience.

The speaker includes an advanced driver that allows for dynamic sound effects. The users of Artis BT90 is said to experience the powerful and loud sound and enjoy their beats to the fullest extent. The best part of the Bluetooth wireless speaker is that it can be carried with a soft grip band when you are outdoors. The speakers can be used while partying with friends and family outdoors, or during picnics and pool parties.

In an era when outdoor life has become more and more prominent the need for hands – free experience has increased. The Artis BT90 wireless Bluetooth speaker is ideal for customers engaging in outdoor activities. The speaker can be carried along with you on a simple walk in the evening.

The Artis Bluetooth wireless speaker provides multiple input options. The input options of Artis BT90 include AUX cable, USB reader, BT, and a card reader. The speaker also includes FM radio options for premium and complete wireless experience.

The cubical shaped Artis BT90 wireless speakers offer a streaming range of 10 feet, which perfect for house parties. The dynamic sound quality of the Artis allows the users to enjoy their playlist uninterrupted.


  1. Multiple in-build input options with FM radio
  2. Up to 5 hours of playtime with lithium battery
  3. The wrist strap and holding box included with the package
  4. Easily compatible with Bluetooth devices using friendly features.

8. iBall Sound stick BT14 Bluetooth Speakers with Remote

iBall Sound stick BT14 Bluetooth Speakers

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There are hardly any techies in the world that haven’t come across electronics made by iBall Company. iBall Company is well-known in the world for making audio devices, computer accessories, and other electronics. The company has gained the trust of plenty of customers by offering them good quality devices at an affordable price.

iBall sound stick is the latest addition to the family, which is designed by adopting premium industrial technology and materials. This iBall wireless Bluetooth speaker gets the name Sound stick because the shape of the speaker resembles a stick. The sleek design of the wireless speaker makes it attractive and stylish. One unique feature of the speaker is that it can be controlled and navigated through a remote. The remote operation of the speaker makes changing the track, sound easy.

The speaker includes a 6W 1 lithium polymer battery that allows for fast charging. The playtime of the battery can last for 6 hours based on the usage of a customer. The 40mm, 4-ohm driver and 3W x 2 RMS output range of the speaker provide rich sound and loud audio experience. As the speaker is BT enabled, it is perfect for playing music at various events such as house parties, office celebrations, camping, in cars and other outdoor activities. The light weight of the speaker makes it easy to carry anywhere to feel the pulse of the music.


  1. Good quality with durable features and accessories like a wrist band and carry case
  2. In – build a microphone for experience fully hands-free technology
  3. Perfect for all outdoor activities and easily paired with various Bluetooth devices.
  4. The remote access of the speaker enables the customer to experience wireless technology in a whole new dimension

9. Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Philips BT50B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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Philips is a household name that is associated with customers as a company that makes home appliances. Philips has been involved in the manufacturing of electronics for several years now. Philips products are known for innovation and customer satisfaction.

Philips BT50B portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is designed by the company with the same standards and quality as expected by the customer. Philips has been yet another leading manufacturer of electronics in the world. The Philips BT50B is a tiny wonder packed with amazing features.

The Philips BT50B is designed for convenience that provides amazing sound quality on the go. The anti-clipping function of the BT50B by Philips allows for loud and distortion-free music experience of its users. The Philips BT50B again allows for a wide range of streaming. It can be connected to listen to music from about 30 feet. Philips BT50B is one such Bluetooth wireless speaker that offers a maximum streaming range.

The Bluetooth signal strength of Philips BT50B is strong enough that provides for slow discharging and the battery life can last for 5 to 6 hours on one full charging. Again the anti-clipping feature of the wireless speaker allows the users to play loud music that is of high quality even on a low battery. The 300 Mv to 1000 Mv signal range of the device protects it from damage by distortion.

The audio device is made of cutting edge technology that allows for 360 degrees around sound experience. The user can experience every beat of the tune without having to worry about connectivity range, streaming use or compatibility problems.


  1. The design of the speaker is premium and neat looking with rubber body
  2. The anti – clipping feature allows for uninterrupted music experience even on low battery
  3. The speaker has multi-room functions that can be connected with other Philips Izzy speakers.

10. SoundBot SB571 12W Bluetooth Speakers

SoundBot SB571 12W Bluetooth Speakers

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The last Bluetooth wireless speaker on our list is SoundBot SB571. This speaker is apt for all users who are looking for loud and high-quality music output. The speaker offers a crystal clear bass experience; playing music on this device enables the users to experience each note and tune of a song.

SoundBot is considered by the customers is a device upping the games with cutting edge technology under this budget category. The appeal of the SoundBot is very appealing; it includes a unique texture that is stylish. The SoundBot Bluetooth wireless speaker is a dual color available in 6 different options.

The speaker comes with 12 Watt capacity paired with 40 mm premium driver offers HD quality sound effect for both indoor and outdoor experience. The built-in AUX cable enables the users to connect the device with media outlets that do not support Bluetooth connectivity. The deep bass and clear sound quality of the device are two features that make it popular and attractive among the customers.

The solid performance of the speaker and universal compatibility of the speakers with android and iOS devices are useful features. The speaker also includes hands-free calling for easy switching between listening to music and answering phone calls when connected to a phone.


  1. Easy-access control panel for navigation that is conveniently located on top of the speaker
  2. The dual-channel output of each 6 watt that is hard to find in this price range
  3. The design of the speaker is very appealing
  4. Finally, the in-build Mic is convenient for receiving and answering calls.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Important Features to Consider

  • Wireless range and connectivity

The first feature you need to check when buying a Bluetooth speaker is its wireless range and connectivity. Bluetooth speakers with a good wireless connectivity range make it an ideal option to use for both indoor and outdoor experiences.

  • Battery life and power

The next feature to look for when buying a wireless Bluetooth speaker is the battery life. A speaker with longer battery life or playtime saves you the trouble of charging it again and again. The speakers with powerful lithium-ion batteries last longer.

  • Durability and waterproofing

The durability of the speaker is also a very important feature to consider when investing in one. The performance and durability of the speaker depending on the material used. Look for high –end quality and premium speakers for lasting long.

  • Portability and audio clarity

The last two features to look for in a wireless Bluetooth speaker is the size and audio clarity. If you are a person who prefers to carry the Bluetooth speaker around then consider a compact and portable one. The audio clarity of a speaker is very important. Check this feature before buying one as you do want to invest in a speaker whose frequency range is too low or in other term  bad audio clarity.


Music lovers are in a treat and can experience an amazing audio performance by investing in top-notch Bluetooth wireless speakers. The Bluetooth wireless speaker is the most sought out electronic by customers worldwide increasing its demand. But one need not spend a huge amount of money to enjoy the luxury of owning a wireless speaker.

The speakers mentioned in the article can be bought at a low price of 2000 rupees or less in India. The budget price of the Bluetooth speakers doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on the features, design, performance or quality. The speakers provide premium quality design, performance, and features at a budget-friendly price. All in all a Bluetooth wireless speakers are a great addition to your homes and offices.

So consider the features and points mentioned in the article such as design, portability, battery life, water proofing, etc. when buying a Bluetooth wireless speaker for your needs.