Best Mesh WiFi Router in India 2021

Now that working at home for adults and online classes for children has become a daily routine, thanks to Covid-19 and its inevitable quarantine. Social distances have become mandatory, and life has remained motionless. To do this, we need good internet service, or else life will become miserable for us, and the constant dead zones in our house, belonging to larger spaces, will irritate us. So when you look at the traditional WI-FI router, it can’t cover the large spaces in our house that lead to either low or no internet connectivity. Thus, investing in a mesh WI-FI router system will be the perfect strategy for all these problems.


What’s a Mesh WI-FI Router?

The mesh WI-FI router system is a ground-breaking state of the art router that uses a mesh network and is just like your normal wireless router, but this router comes with a multi-node setup of aka satellite nodes that are located in different areas of your home to provide sufficient and uninterrupted wireless connectivity that can connect up to 100 devices. As these nodes take on the task of covering areas that the main routers cannot reach. 

The mesh technology covers your entire house and seamlessly connects your device to the nearest node for a clear and effective extended connection, no matter where you are, so farewell to the dead zones. And even though this is a single wireless network, you can surf the web using the same Username and password. So generally speaking, these routers are the wisest option when you’re planning to cover a larger area, whether it’s your home or your office.


Best Mesh WiFi systems in India:

These are the obvious benefits of using a mesh WI-FI system and helping you choose the best one we’ve shortlisted some of the best mesh WI-FI systems below in this post based on their specifications.


TP-Link Deco M4 Whole Home Mesh WI-FI System

The TP-LINK Deco is the first product on the page. As the name suggests, it is one of the most established renowned names when it comes to routers and connectors, and it is also one of the most sought-after brands in the networking community owing to its unique technology at reasonable prices.

The package includes a set of 3 nodes as it comes with features that cover large areas up to 5500sq. Ft. and can also provide you with unhindered speed connections of approximately 1167 Mbps connecting up to 100 devices for peak effectiveness.

The Deco uses a unit-based mesh system that delivers unhindered WI-FI internet coverage. This makes use of an individual unit that focuses on a single network, so when you move from one place to another, your device will be connected to the nearest node giving you high-speed connectivity.

It’s very easy to set up, as you can download the Deco app, and you’ll get to know the different features. It also acts as a router, range extender, or access point. It assists in establishing parental controls by blocking potentially toxic and inappropriate sites and can also connect up to a maximum of 100 devices ranging from mobile devices, laptops, home assistants, etc.

The prototype is very portable and cool and can be placed at your convenient spot for greater coverage. If you have a large home or office, this will be your ultimate idea. You can also set up a guest network for increased protection. It’s also compatible with home assistant devices like Alexa, Echo, Dot, and Google Home. This is also backed by a wonderful 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects.


  • Up to 5500 sq. ft. max coverage.
  • It is further expandable
  • Extreme speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Well suited to Alexa and other assistants.
  • Simple setup of the Deco app
  • Up to 100 devices can be connected
  • Arrives with parental controls
  • Supported by a 3-year warranty


  • Reconnecting takes time
  • It lacks a 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual-band network.
  • Customer care and complaint resolution takes patience


NetGear Orbi RBK50 Tri-Band Mesh WI-FI System 

The next product on our list is Net gear, which is also similar to the previous brand, as one of the most renowned and trusted router market leaders. NetGear Orbi is an outstanding WI-FI network mesh system that is robust.

It gives you maximum area coverage of up to 5000 square feet. So forget about all those extenders or boosters, and it also gives you a 1.7 Gbps high-speed connectivity. The main attraction is the first in class Tri-band technology that boosts your internet speed and gives you a lag-free blazing fast surfing experience.

The package comes with an Orbi WI-FI router and also includes a NetGear armour for top dog superior data breaches and antivirus protection for all devices connected.

It’s very easy to set up when you download the Orbi app or use a web browser to set up your system. It also allows guest accounts to be created and also equipped with parental controls for safety purposes.

This is well suited for voice command assistants such as Alexa and Echo. And is backed by a 3-year warranty against manufacturing issues.


  • Max coverage up to 5000 sq. ft.
  • Super-fast 1.7 Gbps of connectivity
  • Advanced Tri-band technology
  • Suitable for both Alexa and Echo.
  • Easy setup with an app or any browser
  • Includes guest networks and parental controls
  • Equipped with NetGear Armour for superior protection


  • More expensive than other products.
  • Lacks a USB port.


Google WI-FI system:

Who doesn’t know Google, there are the world’s leading search engine titans, but they have recently entered the router market and this product is well known for its maximum coverage.

It is mainly due to its enhanced coverage, as the Google WI-FI system can provide you with total coverage of 4500 sq. ft. With each module, you have extra coverage of 1500 sq. ft. If you want additional coverage, you can purchase additional nodes for your convenience.

The most important highlight is the Google Network Assist Technology, which will help you keep your connection steady without hindrance, as the nearest nodes will keep you up-to-date with the super-fast internet.

It comes with the east setup app that helps you configure your system. You can see through your connected devices, sort between your devices, and protect your children from malicious sites with parental controls assigned.

The system is equipped with 2 GB Ethernet ports for both LAN and WAN units per se. Google gives the product a one-year warranty.


  • Offers maximum coverage up to 4500 sq. ft.
  • Easy setup with Google WI-FI app
  • 2 extra mesh ports
  • 2 GB high-speed Ethernet ports
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Network Assist Technology offers a lag-free experience.


  • Some advanced features are missing.
  • No USB port for backup or storage.


D-Link COVR-C1202 Dual-Band Whole Home WI-FI System 

The next product on our list is from D-Link. The main highlight is its budget as an efficient comparison of other costly mesh system brands available on the market. So this product is for those who don’t want a hole in your wallet

This comes with stylish nodes that give up to 5000 square feet of coverage, to every corner of your home. The Covr system consists of 3 triangular nodes with rounded edges to act as the main router and two extra nodes for the highest yield.

It is also equipped with dual-band technology so that you can achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps and 866 Mbps on a 2.4 and 5 GHz band per se, using auto-band steering for optimum performance. Although it cannot be separated and connected independently.

It is also supported by MU-MIMO mesh technology to provide a flexible and effective network to eliminate WI-FI dead zones. It’s equipped with 2 Gb Ethernet ports. It has an easy setup app, and the browser can also be used to configure stuff. It also has access to the network of guests.


  • Max coverage up to 5000 sq. ft.
  • It’s fairly affordable comparing others.
  • MU-MIMO smart mesh technology
  • Rapid and convenient setup with app.
  • Automatic dual-band steering


  • Connectivity to 2.4 GHz is relatively disappointing.
  • Limited parental control and protection against malware.


Tenda Technology 2PK NOVA MW3 Whole Home MESH

Next to our list is the newest launch of the Tenda router, known as the Nova MW3 whole-home mesh, as Tenda is also one of the most revered brands when it comes to routers offering affordable solutions.

It can cover an area of 4000 square feet. The dual-band can achieve the highest possible connection speed of 1167 Mbps. The coverage area can be enhanced by adding additional nodes by adding an extra 1500 square feet for peak efficiency.

It’s almost suitable across all major ISPs. The MU-MIMO router technology allows you to connect more than 50 devices at the same time for a lag-free experience. It comes with the Tenda app, which makes life easier when you set up the system. It is best suited for home, office, and gaming.

The app also helps you set up a guest network for privacy features. It comes with marginal parental controls that restrict websites and schedule your children’s internet time as you would like. It is equipped with 2 Ethernet ports per satellite node, as well as an Ethernet cable. This router is backed by a special 3 year Tenda warranty.


  • Maximum coverage up to 4000 square feet.  
  • Super-fast internet speeds up to 1167 Mbps
  • 50 plus devices can connect to the system
  • The setup process comes neatly with the Tenda app.
  • Comes with a special 3-year warranty


  • Coverage could have been a bit better
  • Minimal features of the parent controls and the host network


Linksys AC 3900 Dual-Band Mesh Router

This is going to be a relatively new brand for users when you think about routers. The Linksys mesh router is relatively available in two variants – AC3900, which gives you a coverage area of 4500 sq. feet, and the AC2600 have coverage of 3000 sq. feet. Either way, one is particularly fit for a larger home and one is suited for a medium, smaller home or office. It has a gorgeous and stunning design that blends with your home décor.

This will be effective with almost all major ISPs and routers, modems. Much credit goes to Intelligent Mesh Technology, which will allow you to surf at high-quality bandwidth of 1 Gbps, and also by tracking your location, will offer you high-speed broadband effortlessly with the aid of different satellite nodes.

With Linksys, the app installation process will be a piece of cake. The app also opens you up to parental controls and guest networks. When you’re connected to Alexa, it gives you access to multiple voice commands. This device comes with an exclusive 3-year warranty against manufacturing problems.


  • Smart, futuristic mesh technology
  • The Linksys app helps you with a quick setup procedure
  • Suited with Alexa for voice controls
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty


  • Particularly costly
  • Cannot match the features of the Tri-Band System


Asus Lyra Voice Home Mesh WI-FI System AC2200

 The last brand in the post is the recently launched product from the world-famous brand ASUS known for its innovative technologies. At first glance, the Lyra Voice looks like a Bluetooth speaker, really a nice one. But it hosts a Bluetooth twin speaker with immersive DTS surround sound, ASUS never ceases to amaze us. It’s almost hard to imagine that inside that black housing consists of a tri-band setting that offers faster speeds of over 1 Gbps simultaneously over devices.

Say goodbye to your existing wireless extender, voice assistant and Bluetooth speakers as this device can be used as a wireless extender with your existing router or can serve as a satellite node If you use any ASUS AiMESH WI-FI systems which will give you an extra coverage of 2000 sq. ft. it also features an inbuilt Alexa so you don’t want to buy a separate one. And also you can stream millions of songs & podcasts from popular music streaming platforms or play any song from your mobile/laptop.

With the Lyra app, it will be easier to set up your router which includes Alexa, range extender or mesh mode, etc. It’s also equipped with other loads of features such as Trend Micro powered advanced security and parental controls with AiProtection for browsing friendly and also a game boost to give you uninterrupted gaming sessions.


  • First in a class tri-band system for relative reliability
  • Twin Bluetooth integrated speaker with DTS surround sound
  • Very well suited for ASUS AiMesh platform
  • Excellent security options with AiProtection
  • Built-in Alexa, you can monitor other smart voice command assistants on the go.


  • There is no USB port
  • It is not portable, since it is connected to the modem and power adapter.



In this article, I summarised the best features, both pros, and cons of the Mesh WI-FI routers for home and workplace. So select your product based on your budget and specifications. As in today’s world, nothing is possible without a decent internet connection and for that connection to work, you need a decent router and that could be a mesh router, like in standard routers, you’re going to have issues with speed, reliability, and coverage. On the other hand, the Mesh WI-FI systems are a bit more costly, but it’s worth your money as the best in class coverage and the norm comes at a price.

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