How to Clean Your Headphones Properly Like a Pro – Complete Guide

Filthy and dirt looking headphone is the last thing you want to put into your ears. Since we are all using the headphones for prolonged hours, can accumulate clogged earwax, grease, dirt, dust in the cervices area. We use headphones during the gym, working out, walking, imagine the level of dirt and sweat acumination on an everyday basis. The regular cleaning of headphones is crucial because it enhances the output sound quality and increases the life of headphones.

 Moreover, quality headphones are super expensive and you cannot simply get a replacement or invest in a new headphone just like that. This article will help you to clean the headphones properly like a pro. 

Don’t feel gross-out, here is how you can clean the delicate headphone without investing in a new one. The requirements are super simple, you don’t need any expensive tool kit to get started.

things Needed to Clean Headphone 

  1. Muslin cloth or cotton 
  2. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  3. Mild liquid soap
  4. Cotton Bud

Guide to Clean Headphones Like A Pro

Method 1: Regular Wipe Clean with Muslin Cloth 

Once you take off the headphone, damp the muslin cloth with hand sanitizer and wipe down the headphone gently. Post that, use a dry cloth to remove the excess wetness if any. The headphone case is made with gentle fabric, hence be a bit gentle wipe wiping them. Make sure the excess hand sanitizer is not absorbed by the cushion and let the headphone air dry for 1 hour.

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Method 2: Deep Cleaning 

Step 1: Before beginning with the deep cleaning of headphones, remove the earpads, and clean down the exterior with clean muslin cloth first. 

Step 2: The next step is to damp the muslin cloth in mild liquid soap and clean the exteriors well. 

Step 3: Wipe the excess with a paper towel and allow the exterior to air dry for at least 30 minutes before using it. 

Step 4: Damp the muslin cloth with hand sanitizer and wipe down the exterior option of the ear pads. Soak the cotton bud and use it to clean every nook and corner of the ear pad’s cervices.

Step 5: To clean the surface of the foam mesh, rub hand sanitizer on both the side gently. This step is done to kill the bacteria accumulated in the ear pads. The gentle rubbing of foam mesh will remove the dirt, grime, and ensure complete cleanness. 

Step 4:  Leave the ear pads to air dry for 1-2 hours on a dry towel before reattaching and connecting to any device.


It is best to regularly clean the headphones to rule out the chances of poor sound quality and ear infection. Even with proper cleaning sometimes the headphones pads might get old and they need replacement. It is best to replace headphone pads at least once in 6-7 months. There is plenty of replacement available at an affordable price. Rather than investing in a new pair of headphones, get a comfortable headphone pad and increase the overall life of headphones.

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