How to Connect JBL Bluetooth speaker to Laptop Windows 10

The quality of the JBL Bluetooth speaker is incredible and when you pair it up with your device, the party mode is on already. How about connecting the JBL Bluetooth speaker to the laptop Windows 10 for endless music hours? The Bluetooth pairing is pretty much easy and seamless, all you need is to follow the below-mentioned steps and sink into the music.

Step 1:  Switch on the pairing mode of JBL Bluetooth speaker

Before getting started, it is important to turn on the pairing mode of the JBL Bluetooth speaker. If your speaker isn’t connected, it will automatically set up the pairing mode as soon as you switch on your device. The blinking of LED light is an indication of the device being switched on.  If you have previously paired up your device then you can manually enable the pairing mode by tapping the Bluetooth button for 3+ seconds or until the LED flash appears. 


Step 2: Locate the JBL Bluetooth speaker on your Windows 10 Laptop 

Go to the System Settings and open the option “Bluetooth and Other Devices”.  The alternative method to go to the System Settings is to tap on the toolbar and choose the option “Show Bluetooth devices” under the Bluetooth button. You will notice the upward arrow tab there, the arrow is available on the taskbar below the display. When you notice the add a device window option, click on the “Bluetooth” icon. Search for the JBL Bluetooth speaker in the list and click on it. This will be establishing the connection.  


There is also an alternative method to this one, search for the keyword “Bluetooth” under the Windows 10 search box. The search result will throw options like Bluetooth and Other Devices. Tap on the option “Add Bluetooth or another device” to turn on the JBL Bluetooth speaker. You need to select the JBL Bluetooth speaker from the available device list.


Step 3: Confirmation Audio

Once you have successfully paired your JBL Bluetooth Speaker with Laptop Windows 10, the LED of the JBL speaker stops to blink, you will be able to listen to the confirmation audio which says ” Your device is paired up successfully”. 

The above mentioned 3 simple steps will help you to connect your JBL Bluetooth Speaker with Laptop Windows 10.  Once the connection is established you can play the desired audio of your choice. 

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