How to Connect Wireless Headphones to TV Without Bluetooth – Quick Tricks

Watching TV is the best possible way to pass time and relax after a stressful day.  Late nights are the best time to binge-watch all your favorite show but you need to be double careful because excessive volume can disturb your near and dear one.  And watching TV without volume is definitely not entertainment.  Watching TV with headphones is the best way to binge-watch your favorite show, movies and that too in your preferred volume. But, wired headphones are synonym to trouble, it can be inconvenient to use the wired headphones for long durable.  Oh , not to mention the weird sitting position and sleeping position which is practically not manageable when the wired headphone is on. 

 How about a wireless headphone to watch TV as per your comfort?? Sounds interesting and convenient … right?? TV unit does not come with a built-in Bluetooth but you can still connect the wireless headphones in a simple and hassle-free way to enjoy music, movie, gaming and a lot more. The easiest way is to invest in wireless headphones and turn on the radio frequency.  

In the case of radiofrequency, the range can go up to 300 feet and you can hear the sound seamlessly.  If you have only 1 device connected to the television, the soundbar can be toggled through optical or digital outputs. 

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Here is how you can connect wireless headphones to the TV without Bluetooth. 

Follow these simple and quick solutions to connect your wireless headphones to the TV without Bluetooth. 

  1. Invest in a dedicated wireless headphone 

The wireless headphones are the biggest blessing which helps you to watch endless hours on TV without juggling with the wires. The wireless headphones come with an audio transmitter and this transmitter is connected to the audio jack located at the back of the TV.  You can enjoy the sound on the wireless headphones once the connection is established.

  1. Invest in wireless adapters

The next step is to invest in a good wireless adapter this is the smart way to include wireless features on your TV. The adapter is plug into the audio component and it enables the seamless functioning of the wireless headphones.  You can also invest in the Bluetooth adapter which needs to be powered using USB.  The adapter helps the audio signal to convert into a wireless audio stream.

  1. Route the audio using an external device

 If you have an external device you can use the same to route the audience. The external device comes with Bluetooth and has the option to connect to headphones without using a wire.   For instance, you can look for Amazon Fire Stick or any good gaming consoles to route the audio without struggling with wires.


The above-mentioned methods can be used to connect wireless headphones to your TV without connecting to the Bluetooth. The best part is, you can enjoy watching TV shows, playing games in your preferred volume, and that too without disturbing anyone.

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