How to Connect Xbox 360 Controller to Android via Bluetooth [Guide]

Touch controls during the game can be super annoying especially when you are engrossed in the game and 1 single random touch ruins the entire game. What if I told you that you can connect your Xbox with the android phone and enjoy amazing games just like that.

Mobile touch controllers are always not great, instead you can connect the gaming controller and play the game with same enthusiasm.  Internet is filled with games which take advantages of android device touch feature but the charm of playing game with physical controller is just the best.

 The game’s thrill is double up when you are playing fighting, racing and shooting game. Got an Xbox 360 controller? Are you a gaming enthusiast and want to play game on your desired android device without touching the screen?? This article is for you.

Xbox controller can be operated using Bluetooth, the Xbox 360 controller is an ideal choice to play endless games without worrying about wire connections. You can simply pair up the Xbox controller with your android phone with the help of OTG cable and wireless receiver.  Here is the step by step guide to connect Xbox 360 controller to android Bluetooth. 

Connect Xbox 360 controller to android using a wireless receiver 

What you need

  1. A wireless Xbox 360 controller
  2. OTG cable
  3. Android smartphone

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How to connect Xbox 360 controller to android via Bluetooth

  1. Connect the USB connector to the android smartphone.
  2. The next step is to connect the wireless receiver to the USB port cable.
  3. Switch on the Xbox 360 controller and wireless receiver as well.
  4. Sync the controller using a sync button. You will be able to notice the lights flashing and Xbox controller is spinning.
  5. Once the Xbox controller stops spinning, flash appears this is an indication that Xbox controller is on

Once the connection between Xbox and android smartphone is established, enjoy the endless games without worrying about the random touch on the screen.


Many games are supported by the Xbox 360 controller without any issues, but still there might be some games which need you to turn on the touchscreen input to the controller input. This can be done by tweaking the settings. The above-mentioned step will help you to connect Xbox 360 controller to your android Bluetooth so that you can enjoy the best gaming. 

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